How to get your Dream man

If we all knew the secret behind this then wouldn’t life be that much happier, that much more content and fulfilling? With a Life filled of love and to have your dream man hand in hand walking with you through the Journey of life. Now that Sounds just perfect doesn’t it. And for those of you who have lost hope or who are on the brink of losing hope let me tell you the possibility of you being able to have the man of your dreams next to you every morning and every night is only but one step away.

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Kind, caring, supportive, and honest, a heart of gold, makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you feel safe, protected, you can talk about anything, and he is your best friend. Not a dull day, overflowing with love, time and compassion all for you. Only eyes for you. Does this sound like something you could live with everyday? It sounds a little like a dream doesn’t it? But this is no dream in fact it is your life we are talking about, and if you want a man who ticks all of your boxes then you can have him. You did not think it was as simple as that did you?

Okay now let me start with two words. Mind and Thought. This is where it all begins. Now what is your idea of a dream man, YOUR dream man? The perfect man who ticks every box, the man you could visualize spending the rest of your life with. Does he have brown hair? Is he tall or short? What characteristics does he have? How will he make you feel? Now I would like you to think about this right now. Take out a piece of paper, I would like you to write down every detail of your dream man, of how he will make you feel, I would like you to imagine an experience you would like to share with him­ anything you mind can imagine I want you to write this down and describe how you feel. Write about how you will feel to be loved by him, to be appreciated. As much detail as possible without going over more than one Page.

Now take this page, read this page once I would like you to seal it with kiss. It sounds silly but go ahead! What have you go to lose? Now find some magazines, or go online to Google search. I would like you to find a picture or photo of a couple who are so in love, a photo which captures you, which you would like to be you. Now cut this picture out or print it out, I would like you to then get the peace of paper along with the photo and place them somewhere you will see them everyday. Whether it is on your Fridge, on your bedroom wall, on a mirror, anywhere you can easily see.

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Now I have a request for you. Every morning you wake up before you do anything I would like you to start your day by reading through the letter on the wall once and really feeling everything within this letter as you go, after you have done this­ look at the photo right beside it, close your eyes and visualize this being you; spend 1 minute doing so. Now again every night before you go to sleep this must be what you do once again. 2 minutes of every day in the morning or night this is all you have to dedicate.

Now Why I have asked you to do this is very simple. I am writing to you about something you may have already heard of, yes the Law of Attraction. However this is not only a practice within the law of attraction but it is a skill ancients have used for thousands of years, It is a simple little practice which I have witnessed over time working­ working like magic in fact. Of course its not going to happen right away with the wave of a wand or the click of a finger, but it will happen and when it does you will reap the benefits. I must give a little secret away to you­ I found my husband, the love of my life by using this simple little process. I have helped over 150 clients find perfect love over the past many years through this process and I have watched these perfect loves grow into families, into marriage, into something which lasts a lifetime. Now nothing brings me greater joy than being able to share this secret with you­ the secret to real happiness. The secret to finding LOVE.

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This little process does not work with just love and finding your dream man but it works with business, career any area of life you want improvement it will work all the same. Now you must be realistic to a point, you can’t create what he will look like down to eye color, height, foot size, the sound of his voice! But you can create what he will bring to you and to your life. How he will make you feel and the type of person he will be. By reading this letter everyday and visualizing yourself in this photo you are releasing the energy from these feelings to the universe and like a magnet that energy is pulling in other energies similar to yours, creating your destiny just as you are standing there in your home ‘visualizing and feeling’.

Your dream man could be 1 month around the corner, he could be 6 or he could be 1 year away. This does not matter, what matters is that you are working this process for your benefit, putting it to practice, and when the time comes you will reap the rewards and see that this truly is magical. You will have your dream man before you know it. The second you begin writing he is already on his way. Your dream man is only one step away, but you must take that first step or you could be waiting a lifetime.
I need you to do something for me… here it goes…

Have faith, Believe and most of all Do not stop visualizing and feeling, do not give up 🙂

I would be happy to talk further with you in regards to this article or any questions you may have you can contact me anytime via email and chat.

Love, Light, Vibrant energy and wisdom coming your way,

Farrah xxxx

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One thought on “How to get your Dream man

  1. Catherine Walker

    Wow!!! Farrah I have done that and I do know the man have his photo and everything you have said is what I have been doing day and night. For 3 yrs. Our last meeting after 3years was a month ago where through our joining said he loved me. Unfortunately said he was vulnerable, knows that I can give him that he wants and also knows I know that I know and also vice-versa. Yes we connect totally in always you mentioned. We connected the first time we met. Had feelings for me and not worthy of me, let me go. I fought in a diplomatic way to hold on to him and the love I have for him realised a strong mindset held by him accepted his reasoning and walked away. Took the logical acceptance that he has been hurt terribly by his father and women from his past. Told me not to make contact anymore with ok on the end. A soft word to not hurt me. I respect his wishes. So reading the above has kept true to my love for him and have faith that he will find himself and we end up on our journey for a life time.


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