From Separation To Oneness

By Farrah-H: As the great Eckhart Tolle once said “In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as the unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is love.” Beautiful words spoken by a man of wisdom and truth, I want to ask you today, do you like a life of separation, of constant judgment towards others and towards yourself?

1farrah2 If you say yes, then you are in the same boat as 70% of the rest of our world population. As times change as the world, culture and society begin to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, we begin to shift our perspective and understanding of life and the way we view the world and other people. I was guilty of this for a long time in my life, but well aware of what I was doing. I would see someone and without thought, judge them in that moment. Judge that they are not the same as me, that they perhaps act strangely, that they dress oddly, but who am I to judge?

I would judge myself for everything I was and was not, I would judge what others say, how they say it, I would judge those that did evil acts to others, and those that simply did nothing to help others, and again I would revert back to judging myself for many years I was in this pattern of judgement. A habit that for a quick 3-4 seconds, perhaps gave me some level of satisfaction, but very soon after that feeling would be gone and the guilt for being judgmental would creep in. We are only human, it’s natural to judge in fact, without judgement we would not be safe. We need judgement to make the right decisions, such as walking on the side of a big steep cliff, we need judgement so we can make the right decision to move away from the steep cliff, this kind of practical judgement is healthy, it’s necessary for survival.

But I am not speaking about this kind of judgement, I am talking about the negative judgement towards other human being’s actions, towards their culture, what they look like, what they do or do not do, the negative judgement of other people. This is what I am talking about and this is what we as humanity need to overcome. We judge those who are not the same or similar to us, we judge ourselves for not being the same or similar to others. Our conditioned mind judges, because its conditioned to believe we are all different, and from a scientific DNA perspective, we are, but from a spiritual level of oneness we are not, we are the same.

To shift our mind from judgement is to shift our understanding towards the fact that we are all connected in this same circle of life, that spiritually we are from the same source the same power. We may look different, but the true us is the same. We are love, we are oneness, we are the beauty in this world, we are what makes us human.

It’s not easy to shift and change the way we think and feel. We have been conditioned this way for many generations. It’s a DNA conditioning as well as habit. But like an overweight, unhealthy person tries to work out the first time it’s hard, it feels almost impossible, but each time she tries she gets stronger, her muscles get stronger and she loses fat and slowly each time, but surely she builds her muscles, till she one day can run a marathon and be in her best shape.

The same goes with the mind. If we train the mind bit by bit each day eventually after years of training we let go of judgement and step back from the mind and observe it in a way that is life-changing, but it takes work, it takes time, it takes belief, it takes determination. It takes the hunger for change for peace and for endless abundance of joy. This is the end goal.

How did I start? I changed where I focused, every negative thought or judgement I stepped back from I did not judge myself for judging either. I would smile, acknowledge it and let it go, and slowly they became less and less. I would also meditate every day for 20 minutes first thing in the morning and 20 minutes first thing at night, the meditation aided tremendously for changing my life, for shaping my mind, for strengthening my spirit. And it will too, change yours…


Love and Light,


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