Freeing Yourself from the Past

We are Born, We live, we leave. This Life is a shell. A shell which is beautiful, full of potential, strength, with walls hard to protect us, with patterns to define us, with an opening to allow us to experience, to listen, to learn. One day that beautiful shells day will come when it is no more and when the ways of the world crumble this shell down to sand where it will lay once again as it has before. We are similar, we are not here forever, our jobs as people, our duties as owners of life are to live our lives to the fullest of potential. To not take anything for granted, to understand the concept of time, and to make the most of every living moment we are so blessed to breath each and every day.

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We experience life differently. All of us are different, we have different dreams, different hopes, different desires, just because I am one way and you are another does not make me any less. It makes me, it makes you Unique. We are made of energy, of a beautiful energy words could never truly describe. The essence of people is a pure source, it is life, it is creation, it is opportunity, it is love. We are living, moving energy in this world, we are alive, we are free. We have power beyond our knowledge, we are the most capable of all life on this planet­ to understand this and to know and learn this concept is to really grasp life.

Experience is one of the most interesting words to me, it has an element of fear to it, it has a sense of understanding for every person, it has beauty, it really is a big part of Life. From the day we are born into this world we have experiences, each and every day we grow from these experiences, Our first Heart ache, our first real loss, out first feeling of accomplishment, our first feeling of failure, all experiences which through every ticking second are building and growing the people we are to be the people we were always destined to be. To be the best versions of ourselves in Life.

Good experiences and bad, no matter which it is we will have them all and learn from them. Taking the Good from the Bad is a skill I believe all must learn to acquire in order to succeed with happiness in life. To take an experience which has made you feel fear, feel loss, feel scared, feel hopeless, turning this experience upside down and looking at what you have learnt and can do to better yourself for the future. I understand some things are out of our power and we can’t control some situations, but we can control ourselves from within, and we can indeed gain so much positivity from our past experiences. We gain strength from these. The people we are grow and are strengthened from the times in our lives, which bring us to our lowest of lows.

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Now taking the good from the bad is one thing, and its much easier than we think, its a matter of change in direction of thought, as simple as change of the gear in a car, or change in the
direction of our walking. Now there’s something else to this, to learning from our experiences and being able to move forward­ this for me is the biggest part of all. LEARNING TO FREE YOURSELF. These words bring so much hope and feelings of goodness to me when I speak them. Learning to free yourself is The Key to happiness. To take the good from the bad in our experiences is one thing, but to free ourselves from them, to free ourselves from the past is a whole new thing. It is the real key to successfully growing from our experiences. From our past.

How do you do this? Free yourself from the past, is it really that simple? The answer to this is YES. It is simple, it is not so easy, but with a little control in thought, with enough drive to want change and to want ultimate happiness and contentment then it can be very easy. It’s a matter of saying to yourself. YES. Its time for change, its time to move on, I won’t forget, I have learnt, I have grown from this, I am stronger, As much fear, hurt, worry, frustration my experience
brought into my life, I am now going to let it go. Its time to let your go past. It’s Time to free myself from the past. The time is now. I owe this to me, I owe this to the life within me.

There are ways you can help yourself, Here’s a perfect one for you. I ask you to get a notebook, or a special diary. Or if all you have is a piece of paper get that. I want you to write a plan a 5 year Plan for yourself. Acknowledge the past how you have been feeling write this down in several sentences. Stop. That’s it. That’s what we are going to let go. Now, the important part. Write down how you want to feel, write down the type of life you want to live and the improvements you want to see within yourself, within you.

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Now write down where you see yourself in 5 years time, will you have more money? Will you feel happier and safer within yourself? Will you radiant positive energy and no longer dodge it? Will you have more love for life? For yourself? For what you enjoy? Whether your goals are big or small they are yours, own them write them down. Now write a list of everything you are going to do to help you be the person you see yourself being , the person you know you are. But can’t quite reach. The place in life you want to be. The mountain of strength you see yourself standing on.

I will count 10 things I am thankful for everyday. I will make effort to not focus on negative things. I will imagine myself in a better place. I will make daily plans to help myself accomplish things whether big or small I will make plans. I will start something an activity which brings me joy I will smile everyday at the life I have been given. Whatever you put on your list, your list what you will do to bring change, tick it off and be proud and know that you are Freeing yourself from the past, you are moving on, you are growing and you are Living. There are many ways to free yourself from the past, this is only one I recommend there might be something else for you. But take
steps whatever they are start moving. Move forward, move on, place your experiences from the past away into your book of life, those pages are in the past, You are into the next chapter, instead of reading back over and over, flick those pages aside, its time for your new chapter.

Freeing yourself from the Past today, its simple, its easy, it transforms you, it truly does bring overflowing Happiness. Pick up that beautiful shell from the beach, put it to your ear, listen to the soft whispers of the ocean. Like a shell with these beautiful whispers we are the same we as people are like the shell, take the time to listen to yourself, to your heart, to the whispers of you, don’t ever hesitate, take action, as they say you will always have what you’ve always got if you always do what you’ve always done. Open your ears, your mind and listen, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless­ nothing can stop you from anything in life except yourself. Don’t let this happen. Make the very most of what you are so blessed with, and most importantly never take it for granted.

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