Finding Your Tribe

By Anastasia: Do you know where you belong? Do you have a misplaced sense of yourself and your surroundings? You just might be traveling with the wrong tribe? Or are you the one traveling wrong?

These are the questions that only you can answer for yourself or is it?

Over the years that I have worked with my students and clients, the theme of feeling like this one does not belong comes up in our sessions.

These are the questions I ask: Why do you feel this way?


What makes you think about this? And who’s talking to me when you tell me this information about not belonging? The last question always makes one stop and pause. What does that mean they ask me…

Well, there is a person, a voice inside of you that is speaking to me. What age are you when you tell me that you don’t belong? I am usually met with a smile or a look of knowing and the client tells me within minutes. Now we have a place to start from. Following all of this comes the conversation of Karma, Pour over, Memory lapse and just plain confusion about how to fit into a family system, society, work and relationship I teach an art therapy class where “many parts make up the whole person”. It’s an integrative method of taking the known and unknown parts of one’s self and “remembering” who you are and what you are about and why we are here. You see, more often than not we have come to the planet on a mission and it feels like or looks like we don’t belong to anyone or anything sometimes. But in all truth, we are learning how to be in a body and share and receive lessons to further humanity in Love in light. It took me quite a while to find my tribe and when I did the heavens opened up since I was willing to receive and the lessons life had to show me got more intense. You too may feel isolated and lost at times but rest assured you are just in training for “next level” understanding of being human and a helper for your spiritual riches and planetary lessons. So how do I find my tribe?

“To thine own self be true” is a famous quote and this is so important to recognize that you have to know yourself for you to be able to enter into life fully and wholeheartedly and then you will be able to identify your tribe easily and effortlessly with practice! Some of us come here and get to be with our tribe right away. The lessons are not as harsh for some of those blessed members of humanity. It looks like they have a simple life and seamless existence, but trust me they did the heavy lifting most likely early on and because of that they can have a simple experience. For those of us who have a tornado of and existence don’t fret, you are doing some deep work on yourself and for others as you are transforming the energy of the world by showing up, suiting up and living out loud in your comfort zone. IF you are feeling lost and want to know what tribe you belong to by all means call any of us here on Life Reader. As a team, I am confident you will find some answers. When asked by my students “Where do you belong Anastasia?”, I stood in front of them and came to a very basic answer… I belong in love and light at all times and it is the human experience that allows me to seek that by being present, I can teach all of you the same…  We are here for each other… to know this to the core of your being.


Love and Light,



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