Facing Your Shadow

By Ann: When did you first begin to take time to be alone, relax and observe your thoughts and feelings? Your first experience is normally to encounter negative thoughts and feelings, we can all live life not facing our fears, and when you do not face them, they keep reoccurring. This can bring a level of anxiety, and you can encounter limitations, where you are having trouble moving forward in achieving your goal in this life.


Therefore, self-observation is so important. It is the act of acknowledging your own negativity, Your own shadow that allows it to be released. When you shine the light of the conscious awareness into the dark corners of your mind, the inner fear has no hold over you. You need to write down every fear you have, and work on one at a time. Then you can release the energies of fear that has been blocked for years.

Then you will learn to distinguish the real you. It is so important to your growth to face your shadow, in my experience of being a counselor, I have found in many clients they cannot look themselves in the mirror. They cannot look into their own eyes, in fear of what they can see and do not like about themselves. An exercise I have given them is to investigate the mirror as it cannot bring any harm to you and say I love the person I see, by doing this the fear subsides over time.

You can be living in your own hell right now. Not knowing where to turn, you say to yourself I am useless and I am nothing, No one cares, I am all alone, my life is nothing, then you get the thoughts you do not want to live anymore. This is your shadow giving you your negative thoughts to suppress you from living a meaningful life.

Your shadow has an inner voice that tells you, what you should do is to think negatively. About yourself, once you learn to recognize the voice is not real. You then face your fear, getting to know yourself, can be fun learning about what makes you happy. Flowers, beauty of wildlife, a walk in the park, going down the ocean and seeing the waves, blue skies, wouldn’t it be fun to do this?

In other words, you learn to distinguish the real you. This shadow energy is just a part of you that is angry and frustrated and not being expressed and is trying to get your attention. The healing takes place when you face and acknowledge the shadow. Once you stop running from your shadow and accept it, the energy finds expression in a positive way and then the inner aggressor disappears it takes time. Do not be too hard on yourself, commit yourself to a goal on how you want to live your own life. Discover the real you.

I have had a client who always looked behind him when he walked at night. I asked him why he did this, he said he felt as if someone is following him. I asked him what he feared in the night. Then he started to tell me he could see things in the dark, people who were not really there. He had been living with this fear for years. All he needed was for it to be explained. He was not crazy; I knew he had an intuition, he was a medium. For him to reach his potential, he needed to face his shadow and his fear. It took time for him to do this,and he succeeded, and his profession today is a psychic and a medium. He helps a lot of people bringing them comfort. I would have to say I had a lot of joy in teaching this man to face his shadow and fears and for him to reach his true potential. Now that puts a smile on my face.


Hugs, Love and Light,


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