Can Manifestation Come To Fruition?

By Tiffany: That answer is entirely up to you! Manifestation has been a hot topic the last few years. Journals, decks of cards, planners, you name it, and someone has a marketed item towards manifestation. Unfortunately, manifestation isn’t as simple as having a planner with simple intentions written on it, although it’s a start. Manifestation is a practice that if to work, it’s not to be taken lightly. Manifestation is about setting routine to focus on what you are trying to manifest. The following can help assist your desires to manifest. 

Know what you want. This seems like a simple thing but sometimes it is the hardest part of the whole process! 


Be specific and get into detail. The more that you can piece your vision together, the clearer it will come through. 

Visualize your manifestation as if it has already happened. Feel the feelings of true pleasure of accomplishment. 

Write out what you desire to manifest in a journal every day. Write in a way that commands it! For example, “I am debt free”, “I have a brand-new card”, “I own my own business”. Whatever it is that you desire, feel it as you are writing it. Do not stop writing it down every day when you feel the winds of change, follow through till your manifestation is complete. 

Show gratitude to the universe for the manifestation of your desire. This is a huge piece and fuels your manifestation with the energy needed to come through. 

Align yourself, your energy, your actions, your day to day in a way that supports your manifestation to come through. We cannot simply sit idle and wait for things to happen, we must be ready, open, and sending out our beacon to receive our manifestations. 

Additionally, to super charge the magic associated with manifestation you can light candles of colors that correspond to what you are trying to manifest. Green is great for money and abundance. Red/pink is wonderful for attracting love, romance, and passion. Blue is great if you are trying to bring forth peace and tranquility. Yellow is an amazing color to aid in realizing and manifesting your thoughts and bringing plans into action. 

Manifestation is beautiful because you can tailor it to your own life. You may choose to try one of these things or all these things and it will still get you closer to your goal than you were before. Simply thinking about your deepest desires is a step in the right direction! Whatever it is that you may be trying to manifest, remember, these things take time and patience. The more that you put in, the more that you will get out. 


Take Care and Namaste.

Love and Light,


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