A Chakra A Day, Keeps The Negative Energy Away

By Tiffany: Or something like that… In all seriousness, focusing on how you are feeling and comparing it to what Chakra is associated with can be quite beneficial. What is a Chakra you may ask? In the simplest terms they are the energy epicenters of our bodies. Each chakra is associated with a feeling be it guilt, shame, grief, fear etc. When these feelings get “stuck” physical symptoms can start presenting. The longer that feelings go unprocessed the more likely physical symptoms will manifest. “Sucking it up” and dissociating away from the way that you are feeling can and very much will, put your body at dis-ease. Pain, aches, hypersensitivity, digestive issues, etc. are all examples of how imbalances with your Chakras can present. 

So, what can you do to help the physical effects of chakra imbalances? How I like to start is with an internal body scan. When performing an internal body scan, I like to lie on my back in a quiet space and support my neck, knees, and feet with pillows. Once I am comfortable, I close my eyes and start from the very top of my crown and bring awareness to how that area feels. I then move to my more central headspace, is there pain here? Do I have a headache? 


As I progress through the entirety of my body, taking notes where pain is present, or if my stomach is upset etc. I go through and check in on my feelings. Do I feel more sensitive today than normal? Did something trigger a feeling that I am having a hard time putting my finger on? Am I sad? Agitated? Unbalanced? Once I understand what is going on emotionally and physically, I align this with the Chakra (or multiple Chakras) that is/are associated. 

There are so many different things that can help rebalance your chakras. Some of my favorites are, 

  • For the Root Chakra, I like grounding activities. Walking in the woods, meditation focused on the root chakra, and the wonderful crystal Hematite all aid in grounding. 
  • For the Sacral Chakra I really like moving my hips in a figure 8 and doing hip opening stretches. 
  • The Solar Plexus is all about self-esteem and confidence. I like to repeat positive and loving affirmations to myself. Additionally, working with aromatherapy helps to promote balance with this Chakra.
  • The Heart Chakra is one of my most favorite Chakras to re-balance. I utilize Cacao Ceremonies when I am struggling in this area. If Cacao is something that you do not have access to chocolate will also give a similar effect. Utilizing heart opening Yoga poses like, Camel pose can also work wonders. 
  • When I am working to rebalance the Throat Chakra I start with tea. As I prepare my tea, I repeat to myself “I speak my truth freely and authentically.”. I then will do neck stretches and really focus on my breath.
  • When my Third Eye Chakra is out of balance, I address my sleep and make sure that I am getting enough. Diet is also important if the Third eye is out of balance. Consuming foods such as flax seed, blueberries, blackberries, raisins, and red grapes are amazing supports to the Third Eye. 
  • The Crown Chakra is at the very tip-top of your head. It is said that the Crown Chakra represents the connection you have to Spirit. To promote balance with this Chakra I like to veil and pray. The veil for me is a ritual that helps me focus on my connection with the Third eye and assists in grounding and protection. Praying can look like a gratitude journal, thanking the higher power that you believe in, or just talking positively out loud about yourself. 

There are so many more foods, yoga poses, affirmations, crystals, aromatherapy scents and more that help to promote each Chakra, the simple list I created is just a start. Begin where you feel drawn and are comfortable. Listen to what your body is telling you and know that you are doing a wonderful job!


Many Blessing, Love and Light, 


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