Breaking Up With Normal

By Michael: “The day you break up with normal will be the first day of your magical life. “

Over the years, I have witnessed many good people living their lives unfulfilled and still holding on to burning desires and yet somehow are unable to believe that their goals and dreams can be a reality for themselves. This happens simply because from a young age they have had limited expectations programmed or drummed into them and as a consequence self-belief and social status become extremely limited. 


Often parents also program their children (in a most loving way) to fulfill the dreams that they once had and now believe has passed them by. 

So the first thing we must look at is the real possibility that you are indeed living your life according to someone else’s program, a program that was not written for you, but was handed down to you from schooling, religion or your parents or guardians, and is contrary to who you are and what you desire. This doctrine by the way is also a result from the program that was handed down to them by their parents and this pattern is a continuation of the ancestral chain. 

It may also explain self imposed limitations and emotional blocks and not past life experiences as some suggest, since these belief patterns or to be a more accurate lack of belief patterns are often strengthened as they transcend the ancestral timeline. 

So perhaps you do not want to be a ballet dancer or work in the family business as is expected of you. Perhaps rather than study law or accountancy so as to follow in your father and mother’s footsteps (the program) you would prefer a career in sport. 

So what must we do to change the program and rewrite the script? 

I have mentioned it before and is worth a second mention. In order to rewrite the program, we must break the habit of being ourselves. We must re -invent ourselves and be the person that we are. Live our lives in synchronization with heart and mind. 

And here is the good news, When we begin to live our lives, how we really want it to be, doors open for us, new opportunities arise, we find ourselves drifting from the old social circles that have very little to offer as the new vibrational field points towards new social circles that are in harmony with our personally written program. This is because the heart and mind is now synchronized with the field that you have just created! 

This situation can be a problem for some as they do not want to abandon people from their life that they have known for a long time, this, despite the fact they do not feel good around them! And the answer is always the same, without exception. Let the universe take care of the details, those that are meant to stay in your life will stay and those who do not belong will move on. 

In any case, think about this, why would you want to be around people who will only accept you whilst you play out your current role? Surely you want to be around people who are simply happy that you are doing what you love doing and being who you really are. 

I suggest you take this one step at a time. As with any computer program, you cannot rewrite it in one go. There are stages of development, and so is the same for us. 

Start with the easiest situation or emotion that needs to be changed. It only takes three to five weeks for the change to be complete and that part of the program will be gone and replaced by the new script, personally written by you!. And the science has shown that the neurological change is even quicker if you do this as an act of play. 

As you make these changes you will find that you grow in emotional strength and your comfort zone becomes increased increasingly wider and wider making it possible for even bigger changes to take place. 

All of this to say, without any doubt whatsoever, you can be the change you want to be.


Love and Light,


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