Being Positive Is Not Easy

By Ann: It takes practice changing your mindset, what you think is what you are. The best tool to being positive is to always think that the best will happen, not the worst. Approach unpleasantness in a more productive way. Start by smiling more, they are free. Complain less by looking at the big picture and important issues and how our problems are just a drop in a bucket. Be appreciative that we have survived this horrible pandemic and think about what we have learned from this. Reach out to people, friends and family who we lost contact with and now have our freedom back to connect more.

Contemplate on what is important in your life and move forward through 2023 appreciating the simple things and lessons learned in 2022. Learn not to waste our resources and spend more family time together and the opportunities of mealtimes and teaching our children that being together is time you cannot get back so make the most of a difficult situation and turn it into a happy one.  Say thank you to each other and to be thankful for what we have and be helpful and kind to those suffering and in need.


We are all in this life together. It is not a competition so try to be the best person you can and help others. Learn from the mistakes made over the last two years and try to be peaceful with each other and not argue but use empathy to understand each other. Think of the money that was saved by staying home and how we need to save for hard times that can occur which are out of our control. Some people lost their jobs and their businesses and went through very hard times. Now is the time to remember those times and learn to be more frugal with money and re-evaluate the important things as overspending is a trap we all fall into.

Lastly, love is what keeps us together as a family, friends and communities. We need each other during hard times to keep our children safe and healthy and teach them family values. We get caught up with working and making money and forget the reason why we are doing it. In an instant as if overnight the world changed as we knew it.

It was scary because most of us have never experienced anything like the pandemic before. Our parents and grandparents experienced the effects of wars some more so than others. People experienced more family time together as parents spent time working from home instead of travelling and being away from home. More quality time with families was experienced. As mental health issues increased, a new way was made available through facetime with doctors and psychologists for children and teenagers and adults. Virtual care became popular and a way to take care of family’s health needs where face to face was not possible.

With political unrest and war in Ukraine, famine around the world, everywhere we look there are problems. How do we keep a positive outlook? Social media and general media has a place, but if we try to limit our exposure and focus on our own life and our small efforts to be positive. If everyone took time to relax and meditate and do something nice for someone each day the world would be a better place.  We can’t solve the world’s problems on our own, we all need to change our attitude. Stress can inhibit our positive thinking so small steps and reaching out for help can be a start. Eating well and plenty of sleep will help with your mental well-being.

Being thankful for the little things can help and making a thankful journal by writing down each day what you appreciate and make you feel happy can help. We look forward to a new year and each person trying to be positive even in small ways is a good start and learn to do things differently. To learn from past mistakes, to be humble and kind in this harsh world we live in.


Love and Light,


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