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WE have all heard of auras, that each and every person has an aura of energy around them. Some can see them and some can not. But what really is an Aura? We know its some form of energy that surrounds us, we have heard there are different colors which represent different things, why is it there? and what Aura are you?

Now very simply an aura is the electromagnetic field which surrounds the human body and every living organism large and small throughout the universe. The human energy field is a collection of electro magnetic energies which emit through the human body. How amazing is that? Our Auras make us who we are, they are the core energy source from within shining through and having different effects on different people we meet as life passes by.

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You may wonder why it is sometimes you are drawn to one person who you meet. Or why you get a strange feeling within from another person you meet. This is your aura picking up different energy types that your energy may or may not like. Its your energy letting you know who to connect to and who to not, who can bring you happiness or who will not. Isn’t that something to think about?

There are many different coloured auras. Not just the cliché white aura we are all lead to believe exists no no no. There are beautiful colors, all which represent different aura types. In fact there are 36 different colors of auras existing on this planet at this time surrounding each and every one of us. I will not go into full detail for each and every color as I could be here writing for days but I will pick out a few and explain the meaning of these aura energies.

YELLOW aura. This aura relates to the spleen and life energy. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, it is creative, playful, optimistic and easygoing in life.

GREEN aura. This aura relates to the heart and lungs. It is a very comfortable, healthy color of nature. When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all something that always leads to growth and change. Love of people, animal’s nature. Is a social being and a teacher.

BLUE aura. This aura relates to the throat, thyroid. Cool calm and collected, caring, loving, loves to helps others, sensitive and very intuitive.

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PURPLE aura. This aura relates to crown pineal gland and nervous system. The most sensitive and wisest of colors. It is the most intuitive color in the aura. It reveals psychic power of attunement with self. Intuitive, visionary, futuristic, Idealistic, artistic and magical.

RED aura. Relates to the physical body, heart or circulation. The densest color it creates the most friction. Friction attracts or repels; money worries or obsession, anger or unforgiveness, anxiety or nervousness.

You may be one of these Auras? Or if you are not which color in the aura chart are you and how can you find out? Well if you are interested in knowing your aura energy and what the meaning is behind it you can come to me or any other psychic on life reader who specializes in aura readings. You could also visit a Chakra clinic, or study spiritual healing and energies to get more information and maybe you could define your own aura in time. Auras are truly a beautiful thing, they are not only made up of stunning colors, but these colors define you and your life, your future, who you are and who you will be. Its amazing to think from a little energy which emits from our bodies we can get such accurate ‘knowing’ upon the people we are.

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There are some machines very popular throughout Asia in fact which are designed to tell you your Aura. I spent some time a few years ago in a natural healing clinic in the mountains of South Korea. This clinic had a big computer looking machine with a scanning device attached to it. This was the first time I had ever seen and ‘Aura Machine’ It was quite amazing and unbelievable. I had my aura scanned, the machine showed my body within and the aura energies I was emitting out, along with the aura colors. My Aura was Purple, with a core of Green.

So not only can you be told by psychic or deeply in tune beings your aura, but you can be told by a scan on a machine. By science. This really takes the reality of auras to a whole new
level. As it proves the power of energy, the power of the aura and the fact that humans are truly spiritual beings who never ever truly stop living, as we are made of energy and energy exists forever. Now That’s something amazing to think about.

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