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By Debra: The season of heart’s and love in the air of February 14th is traditionally a time when lover’s show their undying affections. But what if love has eluded you? You’re in a seemingly dead end relationship that is no longer benefiting your soul and have no idea how to let this flounder return to the sea you fished it from.

debra2 Well, now is an excellent time to take stock of the fish pond. Pinpoint on a list of positives and negatives what is working for you and just what is never going to pan out. Here is a classic example that I myself follow. I have experienced mental health issues with some men in my life. One day I slipped and fell and twisted my knee so badly that it was at a horrible wrong angle. To my dismay, my partner at the time stood over me, said not one word or tried to help me up. I was appalled at this. What is wrong here, I thought? No signs of empathy or compassion towards your situation is a really large red flag. What’s your red flag? This is your life! It’s important to be with a person who values you.

It has been historically noted that a person knows for certain in the first 30 seconds of meeting, whether the person will be a mate or a misdemeanor. The instant eye contact, heart racing feeling and the release of endorphins into the blood stream are sure signs you have found the divine ONE.

If all you see instead are red flags at a race track when you look into those eyes of your partner it is past time to leave the situation. If when that person touches your hand and all you feel is remorse then you have to move on. It may feel drastic to do this for some of us. We never want to be the one who is the heart breaker. At times it is necessary to relieve the person so that they too may find their potential love interest.

Love may come to you once you finish a phase that is not complimenting your life. It is necessary to release old patterns of thinking, old loves, lost loves that have not contacted you for months may be the reason your love life is unfulfilling for you. Each person comes into your life for a reason, a life lesson. Value that time together and move forward.

So let’s all look at the season of love as a rejuvenating brand new opportunity instead of hopeless heart ache.

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