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By Gail: The quickest and most straightforward way to get what we want out of life is to align our energies so they are all moving towards the same outcome. The four main areas involved here are thoughts, words, emotions and actions. Think of these as wheels on a car. Imagine trying to drive your car if every wheel pointed in a different direction. If the wheels are not all pointed in the same direction it is going to be much harder to reach your destination. Any movement will be slow and laborious and require a lot more energy expenditure than if we are balanced and aligned towards the same desire. 


Depending on how different the directions are, we may feel completely stuck and unable to move out of our current situation at all. We may feel stuck, but we are not really – there are always opportunities to change. We can have all our wheels aligned in one direction, but if there is no one steering we can quickly head down a path we don’t want to be on. Become conscious of your direction. 

Let’s use the example of relationships. We start by setting the intention – your steering wheel. You may really want a loving, committed relationship – this is your desire. But maybe you feel that you can’t have one – this could be due to past experiences, social conditioning, feeling you don’t deserve or can’t have a meaningful relationship, etc. Every time you doubt what it is that you really want you are sending a message out to the universe that you don’t really want it. That it can never be. It doesn’t matter how badly you want this, if you believe it won’t happen for you there is a vibration going out into the world saying you won’t ever have it. Your steering wheel is not set and your tires are pointing in different directions. Because you don’t believe it can happen for you then you say you don’t really want a relationship anyway. Your thoughts and your words are not aligned. You desire a relationship, but you feel you can’t have one, you say you don’t want one, and then your actions follow these patterns and you don’t behave in a way that attracts a positive loving relationship to you. Now all your wheels are pointing in different directions. How far can you travel towards your goal under these conditions? 

Keeping with the example of relationships let’s study this in more depth. The first thing to consider is the goal. Knowing exactly what you want and what it is that you are hoping to achieve. What are the qualities that you want in your relationship and your partner? Here are some words to get you started in building positive relationships: love, trust, commitment, honesty, authenticity, support, sharing, caring, thoughtfulness, faithfulness, attention, affection, stability, balance, strength. Your desire may not include any of these things – make your own list. The point is you need to be clear about what you are seeking. 

Once you know where the steering wheel is pointed then it is time to make sure all the tires are heading in the same direction. 

Thoughts. This is one of the most important because it underlies everything that we do. Our thoughts can be our greatest asset or our biggest enemy. Every thought you have sends an energy impulse out into the world and needs to be aligned with your desired outcome. When you find yourself thinking about anything that is not what you want then you are diluting your desire. Replace every idea that is not supporting you with ideas that do, eg. change loneliness into connection, silence into communication, exhaustion into energy, neglect into attentiveness. Only think words that are expressing what you want. If you want a loving, stable relationship and your thoughts support this then you have one wheel heading where you want to go. We are on the way. 

Words. You know your desire, you are steering your thoughts in this direction, the words you use need to support this outcome. Words have power. Every thought has an energetic vibration associated with it, when we speak these words out loud the vibration is even stronger. The thought becomes a physical vibration emanating out into the world. You know you want a loving relationship, you are focusing your thoughts in that direction, but if you keep saying you will never find someone special then that is where that wheel is headed. If you say you don’t really care about being in a relationship but in actual fact you do care then you are not aligned. If you keep saying relationships never last or there is no such thing as true love then that is what you will experience. This is fine if that is what you want.  You need to be conscious of the words you are using. When a client tells me they are stuck or trapped I know that this is true for them. Their words are creating their experience. Be mindful of every word you speak, write, text. Read through some of the things you have said, messaged, texted, posted. Look at the words you used and determine if they are in alignment with what it is that you want. Remember too that complaining about a situation only gives us more things to complain about. That is where we are focusing our energy so that is what we will get. Even if you believe your complaints are justified then consider if that is what you want to create more of in your life. Try just saying thank you for whatever it is that you are experiencing right now. 

Emotions. In my experience, this can be the hardest one to control. Our emotions are much more volatile than our connection with spirit. Spirit is true and unchanging and eternal. Emotions come and go, no matter how powerful they seem in the moment. Someone you adore today can become the bane of your existence tomorrow. It is not the person who has changed, it is our perception of them. When we attach emotions to our desires the energy becomes so much stronger. This is why affirmations and positive thinking don’t always work for us. For the strongest impulse or vibration to occur it needs to be connected to an emotive state. Thoughts without emotion have much less energetic impact than thoughts that have an emotional base or impetus. The emotions you need to connect to your goal are the emotions you want to experience more of. Remember that emotions come from within you – not an external influence. No-one can make you feel happy or sad. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, the happiness you feel is generated inside you. You can feel happy in the middle of chaos, or you can feel sad in a loving situation – the common denominator is you. Call up memories that stimulate the emotions you want to feel. Immerse yourself in that feeling and then attach it to your new thought patterns. While you are experiencing the feeling of love and support you desire then concentrate your thoughts on the ideas and words that support this. Anchor the thoughts with emotions. Whenever you feel this associate it with words and thoughts, whenever you think this recall the emotions. Attach them to each other. 

Actions. The fourth wheel on our vehicle is our actions. Your intention is set, you are using thoughts and words that are aligned with what you want, you have given your intention power by connecting the emotions you desire with the outcome; now it is time to look at how you are behaving. Are your actions aligned with your intentions? According to Einstein doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is the definition of madness. It is time to step up and change your behaviour so it is conducive to your desired outcome. Act in a way that supports your thoughts, words and emotions. If you want to find a loving relationship, you need to put yourself out there. Yes, having your wheels pointed in the same direction will attract opportunities to you but you can’t just sit around and do nothing. You have to act like you want this and believe it is possible. Wanting a better social life and then sitting home every night by yourself is not moving you forward. Going out doesn’t have to cost money but it does take some effort on your part. Look for groups or activities that you are interested in. If you want a quiet, homely partner you probably won’t find them in a bar. If you want a socially active drinker you may find them in a bar.  If you like reading and literature go to a library or book group, if you like nature go to a park, if you like fitness go to a gym or try a walking group. If you like music go to a workshop or festival, if you like arts or craft or photography go to galleries and studio openings. If your perfect partner is active then you need to be active, if you seek a healthy partner you need to take care of your own health, if you want affection you need to be affectionate. It doesn’t matter what you love or what you want, what matters is that your actions reflect this. Get involved with life.

In this article, I used the example of relationships – you can use these tips in any area of your life. Here are some ideas to get you started.  Health – healthy, healed, fit , energetic, wholesome, vibrant; Career – successful, respected, valued, well-paid; Finances – prosperity, wealth, abundance, richness; Success – acknowledged, appreciated, celebrated, sought after; Family – supportive, loving, sharing, communication; Home – stable, secure, loving, balanced, abundant. Only ever use words that are what you want out of life. Anything else is a waste of your precious energy. Every thought, word, emotion and deed are either moving you towards what you want or away from it. Life is energy in motion – we are not static – we are always moving towards an outcome. Make sure it is the outcome you desire. 

Love, abundance, success, divine health – it can all be yours. Work out what you want and move in that direction. Life is a constant state of motion. You are moving anyway, it might as well be in the direction of your desires. 

Good luck and best wishes for all that life has to offer.


Love and Light,



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