Your Thoughts Create Your World

By Farrah-H: Hello, I hope you are all well and that this special time of year is bringing nothing but joy into your life. If it’s not, perhaps you really need this article to shift your mindset and start shaping and changing the world around you, because after all there is one thing us human beings have in common, that is we all seek happiness.

1farrah2 Today I want to speak of something very special, very significant to the human life. That is the very one power of how our thought creates our world. What does this mean? Is this literal? You may ask, but how about these terrible things that happen in the world that we don’t think of how do we create these things? I want to bring clarity on the idea of thoughts becoming things to help you better understand how it all works. Now, our world is interconnected, think of our world. Our universe like a big brain that is connected, sending signals from the brain to help us walk, to the hands to help us hold food and feel things, the brain just like our universe has many thousands if not millions of small connections. Now, we are all made of energy, energy comes from one source, whether you call it God, or a higher being there is a higher source we are all connected to as energy as spirit.

What has this got to do with thoughts creating your world? Well, it’s simple, when we think of something- I mean truly think and feel and connect to this thought and imagine that we attract this exact thing into our life, as though the universe is connected to us and hears us bringing forth our thought into reality. It doesn’t always happen right away, but it will always happen if you think in depth and feel that thought with your soul, imagine it, creating it without even knowing you are doing so.

So does this mean every single thing that happens to us we create? No, I do not believe so, as there is a divine destined plan for us all in life, and some things occur in life we don’t imagine or create, some things do happen good and bad and these things are always part of destiny, gods plan or a greater plan from someone above if you like. There are some very hard and sad things that can happen to us in life, and no matter how hard they are, we can create good from such things and create joy even in times of sorrow with our powerful mind. So to clarify, we don’t create everything in life as there is a divine plan for all, but we can create the majority of our everyday lives and we can create and decide on how we want to feel after something hard happens in life, we can shape our world through our thoughts.

Is there something you have always wanted to do and achieve? Be? Feel? Or visit perhaps a location in this world? Before you go to bed each night, lay down in your comfortable bed in a place of relaxation where you are most comfortable and take 10 minutes before drifting off to think about. Visualize your goal or dream, imagine it, feel it, smile and feel the joy it would bring if this was to happen. Do this every morning before getting up as well as every night before going to sleep, it’s a wonderful habit that can be life changing, and truly help you to get that positive mindset and learn to create things around you through your mind. It may sound silly, but it’s truly so important and powerful.

If you want happiness, don’t look anywhere but within you. That’s where you will always find it, time and time again, not anywhere else not in anyone else always within YOU. The answers of this world lay within the mind, within the soul, if you want true change in life look within, think within create some amazing thoughts and action these thoughts with powerful and passionate intention. You will never ever look back. I promise you that 🙂


Love and light always and seasons greetings to you,

Farrah H.

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