Your Psychic BFF

By Brenda: Life is not full of coincidences. If you have a strong psychic connection with a person you have probably known them before in a past life, a connection that transcends time where you were either related to each other or had a significant role in each other’s lives. That indescribable “click” that you instantly feel with another person, these special and unique people often become life- long  friends.

These are our psychic BFF’s, people that we are destined to share this life time with, to be our closest confidants and companions through thick and thin even when a supposed love soulmate has fallen by the wayside. They can feel when we are in trouble or even having a bad day and don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to call.  


Psychic BFF’s often dream about each other’s lives, precognitive dreams  and symbolic dreams that convey wisdom from the super-consciousness. This pure energy  and connection is felt by both of you and even if you are not a believer you will find that if you are thinking hard about your special friend they are thinking about you too. This energy connection does not drop out of nowhere. It is part of a super consciousness, a universal energy that all living beings on the planet are a part of and  that we all share.

Psychic BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) can come from all areas of your life. They can be a parent or sibling, a family member, close friend and even your favorite and trusted Psychic!

Family members that are together in this lifetime usually have a connection from a past life where they were related or were involved in each other’s lives. Your friends that you feel that connection with you have probably been in your life before in another time and another place! Friends that you meet and have an instant feeling of Déjà vu with, as if you already know them are most likely a Psychic BFF especially when the two of you can connect with the same time periods in history and have similar interests. You read each other’s thoughts and feelings and sometimes you have similar family situations like being the oldest of your siblings or having grandparents that came from the same backgrounds as the two of you. 

Have you ever wondered just how your connection with your psychic can be so strong and accurate? Or why have you chosen their energy above others? Your spiritual journey is another way to put you in touch with your Psychic BFF’s. When embarking on a spiritual journey you become a magnet to those who are seeking the path and spiritual knowledge  as you are. Your spiritual journey is also where you can find another very special Psychic BFF, a trusted psychic advisor, a gifted psychic, medium or empath. 

This type of Psychic BFF is one that comes in to validate you on your life’s path. To Guide you through your personal ups and downs, love relationships and even your karmic path in this lifetime. For thousands of years people have sought the wisdom of these special people who are more sensitive and in touch with the universal energies. They are not made into a psychics, they are born into it no matter how long it takes them to fully realize their gifts.  

This lifetime is full of lessons and shared experiences and having a psychic BFF  that you can trust to share it with is worth more than anything. Your Psychic BFF whether they be a close friend, family member or your personal Psychic advisor will have your back in your journey in this lifetime and the next!

Have you ever wondered just how your connection with your psychic can be so strong and accurate? Or why have you chosen their energy above others?


Love and Light,


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