What’s Going On?

By Sarah: So many of us are experiencing difficult times at the moment. Our relationships are going haywire, jobs are experiencing retrenchment, Russia and Ukraine are at war, the pandemic is heating up again. All of this is being narrated on global media networks with the Amber Heard and  Johnny Depp trial. So what’s going on?

Well, the earth is experiencing an intensive energy shift at the moment by passing through the photon band which is clearing away any negativity and darkness (shadow self) and revealing all that has been hidden for centuries. In Indian culture, this period is also known as the Kali Yoga – the time of quarrels.


Elon Musk revealed this week that AI with consciousness will be invented soon. All of us are trapped into our phones browsing and experiencing the metaverse. We are so busy looking at how we can connect with others and promote ourselves – that our physical 3D human reality is beginning to rattle our cages so that we do indeed wake up. Out of our slumber – to be aware of how we treat those nearest and dearest to us – and how they treat us.

Believe it or not – the end of our spiritual quest will center around boundaries. Boundaries about what we think, boundaries about what we say and how we interact with others.

We are being asked to simply slow down time and be in the moment. No matter what you are going through now, know that it was destined FOR you to bring you a memorable life lesson. This life lesson will bring you wisdom and knowledge so breathe deep and simply walk into your fear.

Change the way you think- it’s not the end of a relationship, it’s a shift in life cycle. Many relationships are splitting up right now NOT because it is the end of the journey but because you both need to grow as individuals for a while.

Jobs are not being lost out of karmic punishment – it simply means you did some positive thinking and the Universe is forcing you to take action and manifest a brilliant new work position for you where you will be far happier

We are in the middle of eclipse season which is always energy driven and full of bumps and changes. To speed up your journey and to protect your path going forwards I always suggest to my clients that they light a candle – and ask for the protection of Angels to guide them through this period safely.

Focus on what you want and not on what you fear. Yes Planet Earth is a minefield to navigate presently but with faith, prayer and courage you will arrive at your intended destination successfully.

Let me offer you a Reading that explains in detail where your soul journey is right now in this time and space. It will eliminate unnecessary emotional pain and help you manifest in a more positive way. We all need a helping hand now and then.


Love and light,


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