Want To Change Your Life? Change Your Tune.

By Sandra: We often get stuck in complaint mode, with our friends, with ourselves, with anyone that will listen. And in the constant droning in our own mind of all the things that are wrong.

1sandra2 If we spent as much time thinking in a more positive frame of mind instead of the could have, should have, would have, we can begin to think of the Because no, it wouldn’t be different up to this point because those needed lessons are what brought you to this point.

As we go into the new year, it is a good time to work on shifting your subconscious mind into a positive thinking machine. Consistent focused repetition can help you to do this and your “will” will become stronger.

Trying to force a change does not work it just increases tension and resistance and makes you give up. A relaxed state of mind sends messages of confidence and absolute knowing and is necessary to install the “new program”.

First, make your intentions crystal clear to yourself. Put little reminders around the house, in the car with your affirmations, make them yours not others this will have more meaning and effect, remember you want your words in your brain.

Chanting and singing has a rhythmic and musical repetition that is soothing and hypnotic to the mind and will help your words to take root easier to grow into ideas.

Make up lyrics to a song.
Example— “Oh, I have a man that loves me true , he tells me everyday” blah blah blah sung to Old Susanna or “I have a job that pays me well____”

you get the concept plus it will make you laugh hysterically thinking up the verses.

Also, changing the tune of “reasons”. Ask the question– Why, should they give me a promotion? Now change the tone/tune and name all the reasons why they should, not why they should—not.

Be open to seeing things shifting as it is a slow process, but the signs will keep you encouraged and focused on what is working.

This is not about grabbing, striving or forcing things in your mind, but to focus on what is positive and retraining your mind on how things are working and what is working so you can create more of it!!


Remember life is a journey, enjoy the trip.

Love and Light,


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