Energy Of The Flame

By Sandra: Throughout history, there has been a fascination with flames and fire. It is understandable then that candles have been used for everything from creating a romantic mood to birthday cake wishes, meditation to manifesting. The energy of the flame of a burning candle can be hypnotic not to mention the soft lovely glow it creates.

Most candles contain all of the earth elements so it makes sense that when coupled with your own intent and energy can create a powerful tool.

1sandra2 We are surrounded by a constant energy that is in motion, alive with potential. The old saying that “the only constant is change” is very true, and since that creates a vibration in your surroundings so does the flame of a candle. Just watch it dance and flicker. The candle is your potential energy source. Your spirit is your psychic source. When we combine the two in a positive way we create an energy that can influence the vibration around us.

Colors set off another vibration, not to mention reaction. Red being one of the highest that is why this is the color used for passion. A red tie can cause aggression and should not be worn in a business meeting, but we are talking candles here. And a red candle is extremely helpful when you are stuck or down to help “flip” the energy, As explained later.

Therefore, color along with the candle and your intent can cause shifts in your surroundings. For example, to draw monies, you would light a green candle, romance-pink and uplifting a yellow candle with a bit of citrus peel can’t be beaten. (this can be done anytime).

One of the main energy focuses of having the candle lit, is that it gives you a focus so as you are passing through the room and are drawn to the flame, you remember your purpose for lighting it and therefore reaffirm your purpose.

It is extremely important to always remember however to check with the moon phases before you light your candle. The moon phase is a great influence as it determines whether you are drawing things to you or sending away. New to Full moon is a “bring” cycle. Full to New is “release”, things going away. So, do not light your money candle when things are moving away.

Above all, Keep your intent pure and clear. This is about focus and vibration, it is your brain and energy the candle is a tool. It is important to remember, you have a great responsibility to yourselves and others to use your strengths in a positive, healing and constructive way. Do not try to bend someone’s will, it may come back to bite you and do not try to shift Karma, This is not a spell; it is energy shifting and does no harm to none.

Candle lighting is not an immediate “fix” but a gentle shift. It is a powerful tool that can help you realize the energy around you can be shifted by focus and will. We are not helpless victims.

As I mentioned above, I would tell you about the energy flipping with the red candle. This is an easy way of shifting your focus when things can be tense.

You will need a red straight taper candle. I buy them by the box. And of course a candle holder. As you are “flipping” or “reversing” the energy, this is what you will do with the candle. On the bottom of the candle, make sure you have a bit of wick, sometime you have to dig it out a bit.

With that done, Cut off the top of the candle. Put the “top” into the candle holder; ie. the candle is now upside down and light it. (the bottom is now the top). You have flipped a candle! You should be able to feel the shift quickly, now let it burn out and breathe!


Love and Light,


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