The Silent Treatment

By Isabella: How many of you pine over someone you’ve loved and lost? How many of you call us to ask what he or she is thinking and if they are thinking about you? You don’t have to wonder but instead you can alter the very energy of loss with these simple tools.

Since everything is energy and most of you who have been in relationships have attached your heart cord to the one you love, connecting is far easier than you, even when you are apart. Focusing all your attention in a positive way and concentrating on the goal is key.


When you doubt, you are sending negative waves into the universe sabotaging the very thing you want. Instead, think of all the beautiful moments you have shared with the one you love. Send love to him/her no matter what the circumstance or condition. Propel thoughts of love,
kindness, romance, sensuality and send them through the air. Like a magnet, those thoughts and pure intent attract more energy and the results of such pure intent can be remarkable.

Many forget that whether they realize it or not, their thoughts are felt by friends, enemies and strangers. When you capitalize on that concept you are able to do what many sages refer to as “moving the mountain.” When you pine, whine, cry, get angry, feel sorry for yourself or fail to take any responsibility for your current condition, you actually block the solutions, especially the higher ones. More can be accomplished through silent thought than with negative emoting. Find your tenacity and determination.

Pour your energy into discovering if you really want that lost love back?

Look at yourself and determine if you are the kind of mate you would want?

Ask yourself if you can do better than a married man or a cheating spouse… Because you can.

Ask yourself if you are settling for less than you deserve?

Ask yourself if you are wasting your valuable youth on something which in reality will never work out.

Then ask if you are being honest with yourself? Once you’ve answered those questions and continue to set your sights on healing your former or damaged relationship, the use thought forms to redirect the negative energy and turn it into something constructive and positive with telepathic thoughts and pure intention. Be patient. Thoughts create slower than picking up the phone and calling your former lover which often drives
them even farther away. But if you really spend the time

and energy to pour love and all the thoughts you want you intended to think about you, they will eventually create, some faster than others.
How much energy you pour into it determines how much you will get out of it. Don’t do it with malice, or manipulation. Only with love will your thoughts create what you are seeking. Only with love will energy manifest
in the direction of change. Only with love.

If you need help learning how to hone your thoughts and alter the circumstances of a broken or fading relationship, then get in touch with me. I’ve been counseling lovers and couples for more than 26 years with great success at helping them revive the connection.

isabella5Wishing you powerful love.

Love and Light,


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