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There are many gifts that readers have and each one just as important as another. In my many years of reading people I have had some clients get upset with me for not being able to read future or knowing time frames all of the time.

What people don’t understand is that gifts come in so many different ways and every reading is different. For example a Clairvoyant is someone that can read future and can get things including time frames. Spiritual gifts are those that are soul connections that are sometimes accompanied by very deep readings into someone else’s soul. Empathic are readings that are compassionate. The psychic with these gifts can relate to you and your situation and offer a shoulder to lean on as well as some helpful advice.

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There are also astrology readings from those that have studied in that realm as well as Tarot cards. My favorite is being Clairaudient. Though I have many gifts, this one is my strongest. This gift is about being able to connect with you like I was sitting right next to you and connecting to those around you emotionally. Sometimes I can describe places, I get names of others, and descriptions, but most of all I can tell how you are feeling and what is going on in your situation. This for me is strongest on chat readings. Being able to read and write back.

I can help you advise a plan that fits where you are and lead you in a positive direction even if the circumstances you are in are negative. There is always a way to get out of a rut or a relationship that has been going south for a long time. There is also always a way to make relationships better.

As a Christian I find that much of that takes faith. Life is sometimes hard, but life is also very beautiful even in the hard times. These are just some of the types of gifts that we offer on The important thing is you go with your intuition to pick the reader that best suits you and sometimes that is not always knowing future, but changing and rearranging your present to have a happier one! Every gift is a blessing and every reader is here to lead you in a positive direction in your life.

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So next time you are confused by all of us not being able to read future, ponder how my gifts can help you even more when it comes to fixing relationships, ending relationships, staying on track and coming out of the reading more positive than you came in.

If you chose me or someone else it’s because you felt a connection and it’s not an accident to be drawn to someone that possibly could be the sunshine in your day Best wishes on your readings and remember when you choose someone to read for you they are always going to be looking out for your best interest and guide you in the gifts they have in the best way possible.

Most importantly….You have to believe in yourself to achieve the outcome you want. Only you can do that!~

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