Sweet Dreams – with a purpose

Sweet Dreams
by Counselor Karen

Sweet dreams are those that I consider dreams with a purpose. In these dreams we receive messages from our loved ones that passed and get a chance to be with them again for a brief moment.  I believe that dreams are essential for those that have passed before us to have a chance to say something that was left unsaid or to just remind us how much they love us. Many of us are fortunate to get these dreams and recently I had one about my grandpa.

My grandpa and I were never close. I believe he wanted to be but the problem was that unfortunately his wife (mygrandma) had a hard relationship with my mom who put a wedge in between him and me and my siblings to share a special bond. I remember we spent all the holidays over at my grandpa’s house and though he never showed affection like he did my other cousins, he always managed to wink at me across the room. My grandpa passed away when I was sixteen years old. As a matter of fact so did my other two grandparents. A rough year for my parents to say the least.  Before he died I was fortunate as a mature teenager to try to establish some kind of relationship with him and my grandma. I would give them hugs when I saw them and I figured with affection I could win them over. I feel it worked! I was not going to let them forget little ole me.

It was not until a few months ago, thirty years after his passing that my grandpa came to pay me a visit in mydreams.  Mind you I have had dreams of other people I loved that had passed but this one was different. In this one my grandpa was the same exact age he was when he passed. Looked exactly the same but super happy. My cousins and I and my parents were all gathered in his living room around the big chair he always sat in with his parrot.  Next to him my dad was holding his hand and we all were sitting in chairs in a circle. He started to speak and to tell us how proud he was of each and every one of us. The awesome thing about this dream was that we were all the ages we are today. Nothing was different. He especially signaled me out to let me know that all those years ago he wanted to show me love but he did not know how to break the barriers that made it difficult to do so. But he did notice I was special and that I loved him.  This message he brought was not only profound to me but he left messages for all my cousins whom I had just reconnected with after many many years. So he was able to reach them as well through me in this dream to share the message of him seeing everything good they had accomplished in this life so far.  The best part……the dream ended with a wink. The same wink he gave me years ago as a young girlfrom across the room.

When I awoke I remember feeling like this was so real. In fact I don’t usually share my dreams with many but this I could not contain. I was able to share with my dad first and to look at hisface with tears in his eyes really made it surreal. To think that one dreamcould mean so much!  Later I was able to share with my aunt and cousins the message he left for them as well. These dreams not only brought us closer but made those skeptical believe in the power of communicating with our loved ones.

I am telling this story because I do believe that more often than not we discard our dreams and think it was just a “dream.”  If we can be open to receive messages from above then we can keep the connection of loved ones that oncewere here close to our hearts.  God talked about dreams in the Bible. They were important in receiving messages for many of His chosen people.  People pass and it’s sad, but don’t forget that they are still around us and they are watching over us just as if they were here.  Next time you go to sleep you could be the lucky one that receives a special message from your loved one that becomes your “Sweet Dream!”

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One thought on “Sweet Dreams – with a purpose

  1. anita

    my mother died 2 years ago, the other night I had I dream of my mother when she was younger and she was satnding there waving to me are you coming, come on,,, I said, not yet, does that mean I am going to die soon? because my mother had that dream only it was my father who had passed and he came for my mother and she said not yet but she died a year later


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