Conflicting Personalities

I love so much to talk about personalities because I have studied them for quite a few years now. Personalities are unique for each of us but there is an overall base to them that helps define who we are. So many clients come to me with problems concerning issues with getting along with family or loved ones as well as their own partners. I truly believe that if we all studied the 12 personalities that make up all the people in this world, that this world would be a better place. God definitely had a sense of humor when He sorted us out as He did but the awesome thing is that we all serve a purpose in the wonderful thing called “life.”



There are just some personalities that just conflict no matter what. But is it really conflict or is it us seeing things through our own eyes and not seeing things from another perspective? The answer to that is simple. We most likely do not understand others views because we are not programmed to think and react as others do. We assume we are right and they are looking at it all wrong. Keep in mind that the way we grow up has a lot to do with changing our nature as well.


A few examples of personality differences are these; a Libra is full of emotion and sensitive. They love to love others and they love to do it with words and action. Now let’s say a Libra decides to date a Cancer. A Cancer is not always good with speaking emotions but they sure know how to show they care. This for a Libra might be very hard because a Libra most of the time needs validation of feelings from another person in words because they are very hard on themselves. The Cancer however just does not have the words sometimes to validate.  This leads to most Libras feeling doubtful and unable to understand the Cancer being quiet. Some get frustrated because the lack of validation makes them feel undesired. But what they don’t understand is that the Cancer personality is a loyal one and that they would do anything for them outside of words to try to validate their feelings.


Another example of personality differences is a Gemini and a Virgo. A Gemini is very much an active and adventurous person. It’s hard for a Gemini to just sit around at times because they love to watch people  and they like to be around crowds. The Virgo on the other hand can have times that they just want to be alone. They are not so adventurous because they are always focused on what to do to help others and can at times be workaholics.  It’s not that either of these personalities is wrong. They just have a different zest for life and for them a Gemini is happy traveling while a Virgo may be just as happy staying home and relaxing.  While these two personalities are both amazing, the problem lies that one might start to find the other one boring and the other unstable. Both would start to butt heads over both being Type A personalities and having the desire to be in charge.


Consider that family members argue and that sometimes nothing can be resolved. If people could understand that all this stems from differences in personality I feel like people would try harder to see the other side of the story. Relationships lose passion, people give up, and lives are destroyed sometimes by the lack of understanding others. There is no accidents in people being brought together to figure out things.  In this life the awesome thing is that we can have different views and still be right. To be able to expand on something because of two or more views can be rewarding and does not always have to end in conflict. Consider if two or more come together that its just that many more outlooks to solve a problem or fill a void.


My desire in this article is to stimulate you to want to research the twelve personalities that make us all so unique. If you are having problems with someone you love then read up on how they see things. There is many books in your local libraries on personalities even for people like me who do not study Astrology.  Your way may always seem the right way but remember all of us tend to wear sometimes rose colored glasses. Besides that it’s quite possible you both can be right, but looking at things at different angles. Don’t be quick to judge others, but quick to learn more about what makes others tick. It’s worth it to save you the grief of hurt feelings and the doubts of one’s love.


Consider if we all were the same this world would be a boring place!:)

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