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Sometimes in life and more often than not we tend to get stuck in a rut.  We blame everyone including ourselves but do nothing to change our situation. Trust me I have been there many times, but I must say my clients have taught me a thing or two about “manifesting.”  Not always are you the ones that get something out of a reading but so do we.

Eighteen years ago I got out of an abusive marriage that I chose to stay in for  far too long.  Partly because I did not know any better marrying at 17 years old right out of high school.  Because like so many personalities out there I was a hopeless romantic and feared being alone more than being unhappy.  Circumstances happened and one day he met a woman and left me.  Though I must say I did not cry over it. LOL  At that very moment I knew that I had to change my life because life was already starting to change for me. I remember the day exactly, April 19,1995.  I got on my knees and loud and clear I put an order for a future husband right into God’s ear.   Though some might  call it God or the Universe.  I asked for a God-fearing man, one that would respect me, love me and accept my older children as his own.  I asked this believing that I, little pathetic me who could not even stick up for myself would receive him.   It was not even two months later God answered my prayers and sent me a man that has been my husband now for 15 years. The love of my life and as close to a soul mate connection as I could get.
Now you are probably thinking that is nice and glad it worked for you, but the thing is this…..if it’s not working for you than you do not fully believe it will. You are not trusting in God or the Universe to supply you with the happiness you deserve.  “Manifesting” is something I never considered before then. It gets sometimes too comfortable to actually want to perceive something different.  Change makes some fearful. But I know this, though timing is obviously not ours in this life, finding and seeking out happiness is ours.  Sometimes we are just not loud and clear about what we want, and when we place our order we are not specific.  God wants us to be specific. He wants us to test Him.
Eighteen years ago I left a place I loved to be with my new love going back to a place that I was not happy. I forgot about manifestation because I was in a happy marriage, but over time realized that  I did not just want a happy marriage. I wanted a happy life.     So that long ago I again specifically put out there that I wanted to go back to live where I was but this time with my new husband.  I wanted him to share in the joy of my memories and a much better life.      Year after year passed and it seemed this goal was further and further away.  I ran my own childcare out of my home,  I was proactive in helping others, I was a hands on mom to now five children, but still I kept asking when?  Thirteen years passed. I was decided that my life was to be the way it was but I still wanted change to come.  I started to realize my gifts and became a reader, growing in my spirituality and intuition.  I put myself through school to get my AA in Psychology, I quit my daycare.  Still I was finding that I was missing something.   The saying is “home is where the heart is.” This I believed was true.
Six months ago I found a saying by Pastor Joel Olsteen.  It read something like this, “When you put a dream in your heart, not only does it take root, but God promises a completion date.” Imagine when I read this how excited it made me. I ended up copying this phrase on a piece of paper and for two months I read it several times a day while I was sitting at my computer.  Now remember by this time I work on the computer, I started my own online store, and my husband’s company was bought by a company from where I lived.  Within two weeks we were transferred and moved back to what I considered “home.”  Though I waited all those years, I cannot tell you how happy and how important it was that I be where I was that long to accomplish being able to move with a job and with security than just jumping out of a plane without a parachute.  I feel joy unspeakable where I am  in life today.  My heart is now at peace because I am back home.
Manifesting something is so important.  Though it may not happen for years to come , you putting it out there makes it start the process. Sometimes God / Universe is just waiting for you to ask. Be specific! Be Clear! Be Loud! But most importantly BE lieve!~

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