The Powerful Mind

By Farrah-H: Hi, my lovely readers! I hope this article finds you well, happy and full of unlimited positive energy and love. I want to share something with you today, something I have come to understand the power of, and the importance of our mind.

From the moment you were born into this world, you were conditioned with the human fears, thoughts and beliefs that have developed and evolved over the many hundreds of thousands of years we have been on planet Earth. You were born with two natural fears built into your biological makeup, What are they?

1farrah2 The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. That’s it. Nothing more. So what if I was to tell you that all these fears you hold, fear of being alone, not being loved, not being good enough, not being clever enough, not being enough to build and create wealth, or perhaps the fear of death? These are all fears conditioned, and when a fear has been conditioned, it can be reversed and reconditioned.

What are you afraid of today? I challenge you to go back in time in your mind to the day you were born and meditate on that beautiful innocent baby you once were, do this every day for 20 minutes. Meditate with the thought of having two fears only and that those fears are only there to keep you safe from harm and that the world and universe is open to you full of possibility, of love, of success, of nurture, that anything you want and wish for could be yours with a little internal work. Try this meditation each day for 2 weeks 7 days a week and watch your fears float away like balloons in the sky.

We are not taught in schools how powerful the mind is, how powerful energy is, or about the spirit and the universe and a greater energy than what we are. We are taught about English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Geography, all of these things that are created for the conditioned mind to continue living trapped in the conditioned world. Sure, they help us as it’s a society we cannot escape and we need to know some of these things, but we are lacking some serious education on how to truly succeed and live a full life. It all begins by releasing, or the way I love putting it, reconditioning the mind.

You have the power to heal yourself from illness, physical and mental, you have the power to create success in wealth, love and relationships, you have the power to live your wildest dreams, and I want you to know right now that the longer you continue to say ‘ tomorrow’ I shall start, I shall focus and make the right changes, the longer you will live in unhappiness. Today, right now in this moment is the only way you can ever create change, not tomorrow, not another time but now. Your life and your capabilities are in your hands, mind and spirit. Use this information to transform, it is education, it is scientifically proven, it is not taught in schools, if the world was to think and live this way we would be one peaceful, happy planet of humans, but what would the world be without war, without illness without any negativity? Start today by using your mind to change your life, and ultimately our world.

The power is within YOU my darling friend


Love and light always,


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