The Outer Results Of The Inner World

By Isabella: “How you speak to yourself determines how others speak to you.” -A. Jaeger

“How you treat yourself determines how others treat you.” -A. Jaeger

“How you treat others determines how the world responds to you.” -A. Jaeger

These three quotes have always resonated with me given the simple but profound truth that lies within each of them. Many people become hardened or jaded by life taking everything personally and never looking at why or how they attracted it.  Many souls hide their essential self for fear of being too vulnerable and taken advantage of. With social media empowering so many to spew their opinions, you begin to see that many are jaded from the road of hardship.


Americans in particular have become desensitized from watching reality shows, where others hurt each other, beat each other up or throw verbal assaults. We often craft our opinions from our pain and hurts and slights and the sweetness and innocence within, often becomes buried under the siege of life’s mortar. It is only when we least expect it that the inner child arises when someone we cherish brings out the tenderness still lurking but buried under the rubble of dysfunction. Then we blush or giggle and are suddenly transformed backwards to our days of youth, when life was kinder and gentler. 

Projecting your fears and anger crosses universal law and is a guaranteed way to ensure a quick karmic return. The energy of anger attracts negative energy faster than any other emotion because of intention. Intent is how the universe sees you. When you fail to address what is hurting you on the inside, it begins to build and often explodes as rage onto others. When you regurgitate your emotions propelling them at others, it is a form of abuse. That’s right, you are verbally assaulting others each time you scream or yell and it matters not, if it is directly or indirectly at others. 

The normal decibel range of human speaking is about 50 decibels but when a human is screaming or yelling it can exceed 80 decibels which can shatter the human aura and rattle the central nervous system. When you fail to take personal responsibility for what you are feeling and why you are feeling it, you miss the entire purpose for living which is to grow and master human emotion. Not only is anger dangerous but unhealed it can lead to depression, it will shorten your lifespan and can lead to addiction and certain diseases like cancer. There are innumerable ways to heal anger, I urge you to seek them and stop allowing your emotions to assault those you love. Now is the time to soften your sinews, to evaluate what you are saying and to adjust your thinking. 

Your inner dialogue attracts the same energy you are bashing yourself with and verbally assaulting others has the exact same result. Speak to yourself with kindness, be gentle with yourself, knowing that mistakes and failures are temporary and are a great launching pad to greater accomplishments. Speak to others with that same kindness and watch your world change. Stop cursing and whining and complaining and taking your unhealed emotions out on others unless you want that back multiplied. A little change goes a long way. 

Today, awaken the child within you, raise the sweetness, the tenderness, the innocence of youth again. Hug an animal, a child, an elderly. Plant some flowers along the path of life and tend to your inner and outer dialogue. Soften your sinews, awaken the sweet, heal the hardened soul and be born anew in love and watch your world change significantly. 

Wishing you love and all that is loving!


Love and Light,


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