The Light Within

By Farrah-H: We have all felt it before, the light within us. That unexplainable feeling of something more powerful, meaningful, our spirit is something we all have, something some people has over the years lost touch of as we grow and develop more into this physical world. Unlike our ancestors today, we are connected on the internet, we worry about our image, what people think, about things that have no true substance and depth, we are in an age where we work and think about money, about a piece of paper that seems to rule the world. But whatever happened to the light within and not feeling it every now and then but living within it the spirit and spreading the inner light, peace, and love that we were designed to spread. It may sound all bad but, things can be fixed so easily and it begins with one person with you.

farrah3 We are so powerful, our spirit, our energy that light within us is truly capable of the most incredibly amazing things, of greatest happiness, peace, love, that little light which has been switched off in so many millions around the world doesn’t need to stay this way, and as we move forth into the new era, the new golden age people are going to slowly start shifting, something you have noticed already or are yet to notice it’s happening, spiritual shift in humanity to live like our ancients once did to live in our bodies, but side by side with our spirit, acknowledging both and bringing nothing but light to the world.

We can listen to the light within when making decisions, it will show us and lead us through the inner intuition, which our inner light has, this intuition guides us to make the right decisions to lead us from harm, or perhaps take a path which will bring us to meeting a loved one, or a greater opportunity in life, this is an incredible thought isn’t it that this inner light can be almost used as a direction map for life.

We can use through meditation and positive thought our inner light to heal us, from sickness, from certain illness when we harness the true power of our inner light we can heal whatever it is we focus on unfortunately there are few who are able to truly grasp and feel and connect with the inner light the way our ancestors once did, but as the going says practise makes perfect so how about incorporate meditation into our way of living and see how powerful the inner light is and how it truly is a healer.

We can stop negativity, hurt, anger, fear, sadness all through that inner light, we can do so by feeling it within harnessing this light and sharing it with those around us, feel and do nothing but goodness, happiness, positivity and love and you don’t have to do anything but wait, light spreads faster than the speed of light, if we all got together we truly could transform the world with our energy with that inner light it is a power we hold within our hands, something with a little effort, practise and true belief we can truly start living with each and every day.

For today, take a moment, as you read this, sit down, rest your back, relax your arms, take a deep slow breath and let it go, picture a beautiful light within your body this light so bright, so beautiful, so pure, filled with nothing but all the love and positivity you could image now imagine that light coming out of your body literally shining out as though you have turned on a light bulb and lit up a room, it works just this way, that’s how quickly you can transform and start connecting with the inner light within, the real you, the soul, the spirit, your inner self whatever you call it spread your light within use it and see how fast your life transforms.

I am always here for you and if you have any questions at all about the inner light within our inner power please call or chat with me today and I am happy to help you, to answer any questions you may have on your journey in life.


Your guide,

Love and light,

Farrah 🙂

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