The Choices You Make Can Be Toxic

By Ann: Hey there guys! The choices we make have an impact on our lives, Good or Bad, I have noticed with people they try to control the outcome of a relationship, rather than waiting for the universe and Angels to bring this back together for you. So, let’s have a look at it.

If the Angels told you not to do something, and you go against the angel’s message, Then, you wonder why this did not work out, what you were trying to obtain, like getting your partner back or any job situation. Or anything that you are trying to control. Whose choice was it?


I have been doing this work for 50 years and the amount of people that make things hard for themselves, and they do not need to, like for example you say you want to finish with your boyfriend or girlfriend and in your heart, you really do not want to, instead of sitting on the fence for a while and asking the angels to help. You go and ask your friends and of course they have problems in their own life, and you do not see this, and you listen to them and make matters worse, for yourself just wait for the Angels to give you the insight on how to manage things in your life.

If you are unsure, then ask me or another psychic you are happy with, to make sure you are on the right track with the choice you are about to make in a situation. And be patient for things to come together for you Angels’ work for the best interest of your highest good.

Often it is better to not consult your friends about your partner because they will be judgmental, and they may not like your partner and say things to you to keep you apart. So, this is all about choices, you make or break someone you love in your life I have seen this so many times with people.

Another example is if you are in an argument with the one you love, do not turn to family or friends in this instance. Because once again, you will feel worse, because they will be judgmental and not even care, they will pretend to care, but the advice they give you is to leave your partner. So, who do you turn to? A life coach or a psychic that is all confidential. And then your family thinks you’re happy in a relationship. And they do not know what is going on and that is better for you in the long run.

Because arguments pass and it does get sorted out, but you must let the dust settle like let the peace happen again between the both of you and then you will make up. And the good thing about this is that no one knows what happened. Other than the life coach or the psychic, so it is all about choices once again a counsellor, life coach, psychic or someone you trust that is not judgmental. You need to speak and to ask the Angels for anything in this life when you feel down heart broken to fix your woman or your man, you do not have to go through this alone, as I said, it is all about what you choose to do.

If the Angels say to not go down a road and you do and you have an accident, then you chose to go down that road so you used free will choices, If the Angels told you not break up with your partner and you go ahead and do it, then regret it, It is your choice and it is your free will, remember, everything you do in this life is choices you make.


Love and Light,


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