Tarot Card For September 2021- Shine Your Light

By Carmel: Drawing a new card for this Month, I will be looking as well at recent astrology and how we are all doing with the changes and new energies we have had to deal with since 2020, including the powerful event we experienced in early August when the Lion’s Gate opened in the astrology of the period where we had an alignment with the Dog Star Sirius on the 8th of August 2021. This marks a new way of looking at our lives in a cosmic or spiritual sense and opens up different ways to relate or connect with those we love.

For this month too, I have drawn for us all a Tarot card and energy to work with and meditate on card numbered 19 the Sun. As well, we have just had some wonderful clearing energies from the full moon periods of Leo Aquarius in the last few months with two Moons, one a blue one in Aquarius. These energies are getting us to look deep within at the focus of our lives and how we live them and inviting us to renew and reestablish our commitment to being kind to self and others.


In our world at present, there is much that we can only adapt to and understand as we have all been swept up in a pandemic which has altered life for many of us in a myriad of ways, some of them in very challenging ways.
In esoteric terms, we have faced a period of the Tower or upheaval in the Tarot when the majority of us have had to contend with new and different circumstances due almost entirely to circumstances out of our control. I know from doing readings for many of you herein on LifeReader that you have been experiencing many changes and challenges in life in all the areas that are important to you from career changes or interruptions to stress in work where some of you face frontline situations or the pain in some cases of those who are unable to see loved ones, partners, families or friends due to the restrictions on freedom that this period has imposed on many if not all of us in some way. Some of you too, have lost someone dear to you during this pandemic cycle if not directly related to it then through natural causes and found even the grieving process to be affected by this period. During a mediumship readings. our loved ones often come through to let us know they are with us and in the light, they are stay with us as spiritual guides I believe. The other day, a client called me to read on her dear late husband whose name was the same as my late father whose birthday it was the day she called. We both laughed and said there is a message here for both of us!

We are ‘together’ in this is the message of this time, highlighted by the influence this year of course of the energy of Aquarius, where at present Jupiter is working its way retrograde through. It is so important for all of us to realise that a friend is only a phone call or a message away and there are study groups you can join online where you can enhance your knowledge on so many areas whether esoteric or practical .I have begun preparing to conduct some online classes to help people learn about areas that really interest them spiritually and this is a time when all of us can in many ways contribute to groups or gatherings in a virtual sense that will join us to others of like mind. It just takes faith and a little imagination to do things in a way that is more safe for us all at this period in time. All of us have something we can teach share or allow others to draw inspiration from. Do not hide your light under a bushel but shine it out for others , let that sunshine in!

The polarity of Aquarius lies in the sign of Leo the Lion and during this period we are encouraged to think of the need to hold our pride or self esteem as we travel through this period , remembering that really showing others who you are with an attitude of love and generosity also lights the way for others on their pathway too. There are many writers and bloggers who are doing work on a loving basis, sharing with others their thoughts to help them with inspiring and enlightening insights, which is a very important part of being in the world at this time as well. Be in a healthy way proud of what you can do and what you can offer as it spreads joy to others and do not feel you should hold back at this time. Any gift you have which you can share will be appreciated. Your contribution maybe just the thing that cheers up another person or gives them light at the end of a hard day. We have gotten so used to a world of social media likes or lack of response that we base our efforts too much on instant success or its opposite. One must recall that work we do on the spiritual level to help or encourage others can assist them at any time and at any place so do not let fear of failing stop you from doing your thing in the now !A smile given to a stranger, a kind word to your neighbor, or a act of helping another when you see the situation for it can mean far more to the person than you have any awareness of and this is the time that we need to make kindness and thoughtful words and acts part of our credo. Jupiter will return to Pisces towards the end of this year in November and will spend around a year there, emphasizing to all of us the need to be kind to each other and create loving thoughts to each other to enclose all of us in an aura of protection.

The Trump Tarot Card of the Sun directs us to the happiness in life that we can often forget, sharing joy or love with others by thinking of them, sending a small care package to someone you care about, writing up a poem or a letter directed to a dear one, expressing your appreciation for having the gift of them in your life. The Sun Card also talks to us about the need to open up to healing on all the levels we can experience it, physically, mentally and spiritually.

There is a need to be crystal clear about what healing means in this spiritual sense, it is the joy one has to recover one’s health after it has been challenged or affected in some way.

This in no way means a rejection of modern medicine or the ways it can help or protect us, or avoiding seeking medical assistance when necessary, it is instead the grateful sense any of us can have when we heal or recover from any conditions or challenges we have and for those who may not entirely heal just yet a better way to manage their situation.
There are dedicated health professionals including doctors, nurses or ambulance people and many others who have worked extremely hard on all levels during this time to help and assist all of us and to save lives as much as they can and respect for their work is most necessary. They too are part of the Sun energy at this time, as they have dedicated their life with great courage now to bring about relief to those who need that the most.
If some of you work in that area as I know some of my clients herein on LifeReader do, know that your angels are there with you to help and guide you and know how much we all love and appreciate what you do and will do.
This September, meditate on loving energy all around you at this time, knowing you are a valued and very special part of your community or family and that your worth is going to be appreciated this month. We all need to see that light at the end of a tunnel and we all need to know we can hold up a lantern for ourselves or others or find that our angels and guides will help us too, to find that light if we need it .I know that realizing our spiritual connections and understanding how we are all in this as a spiritual extended family in a esoteric way as human beings will get us to the next stage of living ,and the positive vision we hold will help us all. You will find comfort and inspiration as well as love when you need it , by meditation on the Sun this month. We all have our roles to play right now and we are all of us needed and of service.

Let that Sunshine in!

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Love and Light,


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