Spiritual Awakening

By Lauren: As we go through this time of upheaval and change, please be aware that we are ascending into a new state of consciousness. What does this mean? Mother Earth is going through a beautiful transition… Yes, looks can be deceiving.

Sending out love and light to all you beautiful souls at this time of upheaval and change…


Please focus on the love in your heart and know what you are experiencing is a beautiful transition as we are being directed spiritually to awaken… Yes, this is an Ascension, which means we are moving toward living with purpose and intention… Follow your passions and the things that excite you… Please bring forth your skills and talents that have been laying dormant for some time… There is a reason you are here, far beyond the daily grind… You are being supported by the universe at this time to stand in your power… To acknowledge your soul essence… To know we are eternal and the transition as a soul through this earthly realm is temporary…

Meditation is the best way to clear your energy and focus on the direction forward… I find the beautiful, peaceful moments before dawn the best time to meditate as the earths energy is clear and there is a true sense of peace and stillness…



Sit with a candle before you in silence and focus on the flame… Bring your mind to the present… As you do this, you may find your mind wanting to drift or create chatter… Just acknowledge those thoughts and gently bring yourself back to the present, as you gaze upon the flame flickering…

As you continue, you will find it becomes easier to be present … Just slowly guiding yourself back each time.


You will start to feel a sense of peace come over you… Now I want you to imagine that flame is reflecting your soul… That’s right, that flame is the light shining within you… Your soul… As it flickers and radiates breathe in the purity, the bliss, the peace… Deep breaths, in and out… Relax your body, feel the tension in your muscles dissipate and detach from your physical body by realizing you are a bright spark of light… You are a soul… This is your pure essence… Feel the comfort in knowing you are one with everything, protected and guided… Release and surrender all your doubts and concerns… Focus on your light… This moment is all there is.

The point of this is realizing we manifest what we think in each moment… If you can find peace and think good thoughts you will start to energetically manifest from those thoughts… Where thought goes energy flows… You will begin to see results from those thoughts… Which will further confirm that you are an amazing soul bigger and brighter than any obstacle you could face … Once you master this I believe possibilities are endless…

I like to start my day by affirming:


Find peace in the fact that you are protected and guided by angels… Ask for their assistance… Ask for signs… You will start to notice things unfolding in miraculous ways… I know it is a big ask to trust, but believe me those who have walked the path, myself included know first hand that when you do what you love, abundance follows… Yes, the intention, effort and belief is required but if you are so willing to raise your vibration and go with the flow you will attract results… This is about belief in yourself… Belief in the universe, where you exist as a being of beautiful bright light… You are created from the energy of the universe… Like the trees and the stars… We are one… Love is all there is and as you continue to uplift the earth with your beautiful vibration, you will not only bring peace to yourself, but to Mother Earth as a whole… This is what is required at this time. Let go of fear and doubt… Release the need to panic, but surrender in the knowing that you are blessed and one with spirit… Observe your thoughts… Gratitude, Self love and peace of mind are very important at this time… what you think, you manifest.


Blessings to you.

Love and Light,


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