Self-Sabotage From A Spiritual Perspective

By Aquila: What causes it and how do we shift it?

Part One

We can be our own biggest enemies. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but have you ever fully digested it? We often find ourselves in trouble and then deny it’s happening. Or avoid trying something new out of a fear of failure, so we end up limiting ourselves and taking few risks. The bridge between our fears and our inner trust or intuition gets wider and wider. Will you be successful every time, will you ever succeed if you’re always paralyzed by fear of the unknown? Well, the chances are slim to none. Why? Well, because limiting beliefs have a fierce, silent power and hold over our minds and hearts when we are trying to advance in our lives and improve our relationships. We spend a large part of our lives oblivious to how we limit ourselves and how our early experiences mold our beliefs.

“All suffering is ignorance”- the Buddha


If you wonder, Buddha is not saying you are stupid if you are suffering lol, instead what he is pointing to in this statement is that if you are currently suffering there is currently a lack of awareness, there is something about your situation that you don’t understand. Something that you need to see more clearly. Perhaps you’re reacting in anger and stress, or that your life is not going as smoothly as you’d want, or you are reliving a pattern of what feels like the same toxic relationships over and over again. These are some signs that there is some self-sabotage going on.

The only thing truly limiting you is your belief that you yourself have limits.

Born from infinite potential, we enter this world. As children, we are educated and well programmed to unlearn that we are limitless. You self-sabotage yourself every time you act from a limited self or believe that you are a limited person. This is because you are going against the nature of who you are. Therefore, if you can start acting from your limitless self, you will find that many doors begin to open, random miracles, synchronicities and beautiful possibilities that you could never have imagined before arriving at your feet.

We are a work in progress.

Every point along the way to restoring your perception, awareness and beliefs to your limitless self are beautiful and perfect no matter where you are leaping off point. As we live our new becoming moment by moment, remember that we are a work in progress.

We can shift from self-sabotage into the limitless self by welcoming your self home to yourself.

In some ways during your life, from birth until now, you have walked away from yourself, the farther you go away from yourself, the less the voice of your inner, high and limitless self is heard and felt. Here are 3 ways to reconnect with your infinite self.

1) Staying in the present moment is one key to living our eternal self. We can then observe our patterns, release what no longer serves us, and connect with our pure essence in this way.

2) Self inquiry, Spiritual self-inquiry is a technique for finding inner peace and truth. Who am I without these limiting thoughts?

3) As we approach the world from a place of embodying love and compassion, we can realize that there is no us and them. We all meet in this limitless space from a place of open hearted, non-reactive and nonjudgmental acceptance.

In conclusion, the origins of self-sabotage from a spiritual perspective are rooted in emotional experiences that affect our self-perception as limited beings caused by years of unlearning our limitlessness from birth, until you have the motivation to put a stop to it.

And say hey, wait no more!
I accept my true essence as a limitless being!

Stay tuned for Parts 2, 3 and 4 where I will dive more deeply into the three methods of remembering and embodying your limitless self. Through: Presence, Spiritual Self-inquiry and Love and Compassion.


Love and Light,


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