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By Farrah-H: Too often today in society, we hear the words “It’s time to find yourself” or this or that person is simply taking time out to find themselves. We have this preconceived idea that in order to find happiness we must discover who you are. I believe from the second we are born, we are taught it all wrong.

1farrah2 Through social conditioning, we are made to believe what we believe today based on what we are shown and taught. Conditioning was not created by our grandparents and parents, it was created at the beginning of modern humanity. Many thousands of years ago. If not millions of years ago.

The truth is, we are born with one spirit. And what comes with that one spirit? Two fears the second we are born into this world. Do you know what they are? They are the fear of being dropped and the fear of loud noises. These are the only two fears we are born into the world with. All of these other fears you carry with you today. Fears of being alone, of spiders, of failure. These fears you did not come into the world with they are fears that you have absorbed through social conditioning. The same fears your parents were conditioned to believe and so on.

Where am I getting with this? Well, the reason I am talking about this deep yet spiritually interesting and profound stuff is this… When we feel lost we are conditioned to believe we need to find who we are discovering who we are through doing different things, going on adventures, taking chances, living life differently to how we had been. Making changes. Yes, these are all true, they are all conditioned things that are ‘true’. But, there is in saying that no such thing as finding yourself, it’s a preconceived idea. One cannot find themselves. One can only remember themselves.

These words to be, and I believe to you and the world, are powerful. They are the profound truth that’s missing in our everyday knowledge and understanding on this search we call the search to find ourselves. We constantly look outsides of ourselves for who we are. Not inside, remember through spirit and energy the one and only truth which is who we are.

You see if you want to discover who you are and have been trying this for years to no avail. I guide you strongly today to stop doing that. To in fact never do it again and let go the idea of it, and replace it with remembering yourself. It is that beautiful ad that easy. Focus in a calm mind and energy, if you wish in a meditation pose with relaxing music for meditation, sit in the present moment, let your spirit and energy fly high, acknowledge your thoughts all of them, but not as you as an outsider, sit and acknowledge each one as it comes in no matter how crazy or odd it is. Now think about your heart what makes you happy. Let your energy flow in this area. It is through doing so you will begin to remember who you are, your energy, your spirit will guide you through your heart to your true self. To who you were when you were born fearless and full of energy and life, to the person you truly are.

It is with meditation we can remember who we are, why we are and then act accordingly in life to ensure that who we are, matches to what we are doing. For example, if you are passionate about helping people, perhaps women in particular. Focus your energy on one area where you can do this where you can help others, and feel that immense fulfillment that comes with it. It is through these practices, you will find peace and love, and be able to remember your true self-fears aside. The real you. Remember you. Through meditation, through your heart, and spirit. Remember who you truly are.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this article, any questions that come to mind please let me know I am always here 24/7 and look forward to reading for you soon.


Love and light,


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