Reflection This September

By Audrey: Putting out a positive reflection into the universe causes the ripples of the ether to vibrate and manifest everything you need in this life. The first step to creating a successful reflection is self support. Self support comes from self esteem and confidence, whether you believe it or not you are a self confident Rockstar, you get up everyday and get it done! One technique to self-support is just some simple mirror work. Start everyday by looking in a mirror and repeat this mantra, “I am successful, I am attractive, I am thankful and I am ready to receive all that I need for happiness in life.”

This lets the universe know to pay attention! That you are ready for positive change in your life. I’m sure there are times when you’re thinking, “Why do I feel like the world is against me?” Or “Why is so and so at work after me? What have I done wrong?” That’s the universe throwing us signs telling us we need to start the mantra, often the signs come in the form of feeling anxiety or anger but sometimes it’s physical like spilling our coffee on our lap two days in a row, the universe is telling you to slow down and think about what your true joy is.


The universe will respond by creating change in your life, you’re not in the right place, whether it’s career or love we all get into patterns that are so often toxic. It can feel very scary at first, many of us are comfortable and have surrendered to those thoughts of this is it, this is what is, it’s time to push those feelings aside and choose yourself now, what do you really want? Those goals are achievable by breaking the routine and identifying what holds you back from true joy. 

Let’s talk about some common things that hold many of us back such as negative thoughts the karmic law of 3 is directly related to these thoughts, when we give into negative thoughts in the back of our mind such as anger, revenge, or simply thoughts of negative self image, we put out darkness into the universe and darkness attracts darkness, this returns in sets of 3 and can spiral into depression and feelings of hopeless nothingness, now we must fight the good fight here. Think to ourselves “Why am I feeling this way? When did I start feeling like this?” It’s time to let go of past emotional trauma and look forward to the future. Once you have identified the cause of these feelings of negativity, let’s challenge ourselves and get the help we need. Whether it’s medical or spiritual there is always a light waiting for you, it’s time to be brave and reach for it. This is all for you, and is a form of self-love, or me-time. Who couldn’t use more me-time? 

Some things you can do to reaffirm your joy journey and support your new reflection are small acts of kindness, kindness for yourself. For example try pouring yourself a bubble bath or go to your favorite park for a stroll, remember what small things bring you joy and make time for them. This can cause lower cortisol levels in the body, and lead to clearer thoughts towards your goals. When our minds are clear we are free to listen to our heart and project that message in our actions and daily thoughts. This is such an essential part of the manifestation process, making the decision to accept the universe and its help, will cause the right change in our lives.

The key to creating a positive reflection into the universe is intention. Your intention is to receive happiness and success through the daily mantra, this sets the whole tone for your day and will allow you to focus on your goals and positive highlights throughout the day. There is a way to overcome all your challenges in this life. You are one incredible being and possess all the tools already, this mantra simply helps you utilize them. 

Mirror Mantra 

“I am Successful” 

“I am Attractive” 

“I am Thankful” 

“I am ready to receive all that I need for happiness in life.” 


Repeat this mantra while gazing in the mirror.

Love and Light,


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