Psychic Ability And Future Prediction

By Brett: We are all born with great insight and intuition as we move into life at its very existence. We are all Psychic some are more in tune than others, however, we all have the ability. From a young age, I always had an ability to sense past, present and future circumstances of others. I can remember that I would walk into certain environments and have either a complete sense of peace or a disturbing feeling which can also be regarded as empathic.

1brett2 An empath has great intuition to sense the environment around them and sense what others are feeling as well. It’s important to know that we all have this ability and how we develop this is dependent on how much we use our empath and psychic abilities. As they say “practice makes perfect” the more you can tune in from your soul the more you will learn as you use your own intuition to guide you along the earth plane. I like to call this “The Psychic Within”.

However, in saying this we must be careful that we don’t confuse our psychic ability with worldly thoughts that may come and be perceived through our own perceptions of our fears. Sometimes our FEARS can be the bearer of all negativity that we hold within and we must filter this. The psychic will never lie to us in giving us help and assist us in life. How do we filter? What is FEAR and what is Psychic? Well, A fear will be based upon negative emotions and have negative consequences. Psychic will base on your soul’s purpose and have positive emotions attached to it and leave positive consequences.

I believe as a Psychic, no matter how many readings we have, we have the power of “Free Will” to change our life path as much as we choose to. This is where our soul lessons form and our future is governed on how we act on our intuitive thoughts and feelings at the time. Certainly there is a life path that is set, however the divine has made this path as transparent as possible for us. Meaning, we can alter certain things if we wish to for the soul to learn.

When you have a Future Prediction, always know that yes somethings are set and somethings aren’t. For a future prediction to work, we must take action on the guidance given to make it work. We must align ourselves to positivity and our vibration of our energy will respond. You have the power inside you to listen to your own ‘Psychic Within’ and you own the story of your life. Be proud of how far you have come and the battles you went through to be here right now in the present moment reading this article.

You are powerful and the Divine has made you that way so you can tackle anything in front of you with positive force. Use your Psychic and develop it further by practicing. A nice way to practice is the next time you come to traffic lights, start predicting what color presents next. Green (Go) or Red (Stop). As you practice this you will start to bring out your own psychic ability and start to predict your own path on the road we call Life.

Namaste and I am available on LifeReader for any questions regarding this article.


Many Blessings, Love and Light,


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