Misunderstandings – How they can happen

A single moment of a MISUNDERSTANDING is so poisonous, that it makes us forget the hundred loveable moments spent together within a minute.

Misunderstandings are so often the cause of a break down in any relationship be it a friend, a partner or a family member.  One word, a text, or an action can all be taken the wrong way.  Something we may say in jest may be taken totally out of context. Something we do, thinking this will please the other person can also be taken out of context, or even something we send via technology can do the same thing.
When this happens we call this a breakdown in communication, and this can lead to all sorts of feelings. Anger, sadness, confusion and even arguments.

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One way to combat a misunderstanding say what you mean, be short and sweet, don’t overuse words and never hint.  Hinting does not get you what you want it can backfire more often than not.
For instance, if your partner comes home tired and irritable from the day, let them vent. They usually don’t want fixing or conversation, sometimes they just want to let off steam.  Never take it personally. When we take their vent personally we say things that have nothing to do with is being said and then misunderstandings come into play.

If someone says something that offends, don’t sit on it, tell them that what they said was inappropriate and that it affected you. When doing so, do it in a loving manner,  this and then prevent any misunderstandings and your friendship, or your day can be put back on an even keel.
Communication is the common problem to misunderstandings but if we are clear, concise and say it in a loving manner we can avoid having our day or night ruined. Although out in the world there are people who will take whatever you say the wrong way. This when the negative forces are doing their work. They are playing on the fact that people are busy, in a hurry or on their phones. When this happens then we need to be very careful at times what we say and try not take our frustration with these people out on our loved ones.

When we learn to communicate better, we can avoid misunderstandings.  Communication is the key to life, without we will never hear what people have to say, but we need to understand that sometimes people can’t always get across what they want to say and we can interpret what is being said differently, then we have a misunderstanding.

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Here are some tips to avoid misunderstandings:

1. Be courageous and approach them.
2. Value their strengths and motivations
3. Determine how they Judge others.
4. Consider their fears.

All these little insights can help defuse any misunderstandings and can help your day, relationships, family get together and friendships will all the better for it.  Remember, we are all prone to saying the wrong thing at times. When this happens, take responsibility, be humble, apologise and if all else fails give the person a great big hug.

Love and Light


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