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Intuitive readings to give you the insight into situations you are confused about. Love, Career or just life in general.

Sylvia is here to help you with those questions that leave your mind in turmoil and full of self-doubt. As a clairsentience and Clair cognizance she will provide you with clear answers and provide you with spiritual healing to move forward and find inner peace. 

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About Me

I am an Intuitive reader who has helped many people with my expertise and guidance from my spirit guides, with relationship problems, matters of the heart, children, breaking up and divorce.

I totally understand how you would be feeling through all issues of life and most of all the hurt and pain this brings to you. I am a compassionate reader who loves people. I give honest insights in all situations, there isn't anything I cannot answer for you, all you have to do is ask.

I will always look deep into a situation for you as I have been a psychic reader for many years, and have been taught by an international reader. With help from the universe I can give you accurate information that will put your mind at ease. 

I am certified and most of all my qualifications enable me to help you. All that matters right now is you, and I am here to guide you with help from my spirit guides for the past present and future.

You can overcome anything once you know how. This is the problem today, a lot of people are lost and they just stay at the cross roads not moving forward, even though they want to, but they feel that they are stuck in a rut. 

Well you don't need to be, I am here to help you move forward and fix any problem that arises. If you are holding on to any past issues I can help you fix them and move forward, but of course you have to be willing and have an open mind.

When information is given and fears and doubts are overcome, inner peace is found, life flows easier and progresses in a different more productive direction.  

Talk to you soon.

Love and Light 




Diploma in Tarot

Physhic Remote Viewing
Clairsentience and Claircognizance


84 Feedback & Reviews

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