One Little Slip – How Cheating Affects Lives

By Sylvia: When in a committed relationship with someone, cheating breaks the trust of his/her partner by becoming physically or emotionally involved with someone else.

Common forms of cheating are kissing, feeling each other up, sexual acts and any contact that involves lips and hands.

Emotional Cheating involves forming a close bond with someone of a preferred gender and basically forming a second relationship. This may or may not include physical cheating.

1sylvia2 Example 1. Laurie broke up with Fred after she found him making out and feeling up some other girl at a party. He claims he was drunk or but Laurie didn’t care she does not tolerate any form of cheating.

Example 2. Aaron was always so busy that Sarah was not getting the time and attention that she would have liked from him so she started hanging out with Storm. He was giving her the attention she wanted from Aaron. Storm was getting the attention from Sarah the he wasn’t getting from his partner. Both parties here are emotionally cheating.

So now we have established that cheating comes in many forms, but what impact does this have on our lives and the lives of other people around the people who cheat?

Well, once found out there are not two people here getting hurt but many others. There is the partner of the people cheating and also if children are involved, they are caught in the crossfire of all the fall out of the cheaters.

Most of all, though cheating is a form of disrespect, Disrespect for their Partners, Disrespect for their children and most of all disrespect of themselves.

No matter who instigates the action of cheating, being any one of the above the other person involved has the choice to go with it or say no. When the other person chooses to go along with the other person, they have already disrespected everyone else in their lives. Partners, children, family and even friends. The choice they made a lasting impact on people.

The people on that have been cheated on and eventually find out are devastated. It’s like their whole world has come crashing down around them. The children in both relationships are so badly affected at times by the sheer hurt that is having massive impact on their lives in the future. The families of both parties are also stunned and shocked that this could happen, (unless of course this all they know in their lives, then this is the norm for them) and the friends around them are in a precarious position of trying not to take sides.

The funny thing about the people who cheats is in the way they justify it. They could turn the whole situation back on to their partner saying things like. Or they will just try to lie their way out of it. Saying “it never happened” and “I don’t know what you are talking about”. Cheaters at times will never take responsibility for their behaviour and like to play the blame game or if they do take responsibility and they say sorry you must ask yourself do you trust them again? If they have done it once, will they do it again?

Cheating of any form is disrespectful and hurtful, so if you are at any time put into this situation, remember, the choice is yours. You have the right to say no. There are always two people in any form of a relationship and this goes with cheating as well. So, if you choose to forgive your partner and take them back remember the choice was theirs to cheat.

So, before you are even considering going down that road because you feel neglected, or you feel that you are trapped or you even feel you are missing something in your life remember to ask yourself who does this affect and how would I feel if this happened to me?


Love and Light,


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