You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

By Sylvia: We hear a lot about relationships. There are many facets of relationships, love, partnerships, friendships, but the one relation we always seem to overlook is the one with ourselves.

In the day of social media I see posts going up all the time about people saying they are sick of being single or they feel that their time is running out and that they will never meet that special person.

1sylvia2 Did you know that you are already with that special person? Whom you ask. I haven’t met anyone that would be even remotely special in my life. The answer is you. You are that special person. You are the one you wake up with every morning, you are the one you have coffee and breakfast with every day. You are the one you work with every day. You are the one you go home with and eat dinner with every night. You are the one that you sleep with every night.

The Problem is we seem to forget that we are just as important as anyone else in our lives. In fact, without us there would be no children. No relationships to speak of.  So why do we have such a hard time putting the same amount of effort into ourselves that we do into other people.  Some say if we do this we are selfish. I ask, how is looking after ourselves selfish?  It’s not. It’s essential.

We have many facets of ourselves that we forget about.  There is the:

  • Emotional Self
  • The intellectual Self
  • The Physical Self
  • The Sexual Self
  • The Financial Self
  • The Cultural Self
  • The Spiritual Self

Here is a question for you. How many of you look after these selves?  I bet none of us. I am betting we only if rarely do so when it is out of necessity. When we are tired or when things have gotten on top of us.

So maybe instead of worrying about being left on the shelf or when will that special person come in how about nurturing the special person that you have lived with all your life. We can always remove people from our lives, but we cannot remove ourselves. We cannot ask ourselves to leave. We can though run, but you can never hide.

Remember the person you live with all your lives is you. You are with you 24/7. There is no escape. We only live another person for a small portion of our lives. They leave, they die they become distant. You can’t do that with yourself.

So maybe it time to embrace ourselves and step up and be the person we were always meant to be. The person that we want other people to be in our lives.


Love and Light,


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