Lockdown, Pandemic And New Life

By Destiny: You may have noticed that nature is blossoming since the lockdown. The birds are singing and there is so much color around us. We have not been trampling all over the earth and it has made a difference.

I believe everything happens for a reason and the pandemic is no exception to this. I know a lot of people have lost relatives to this surreal and difficult time. I lost someone special too, and it was who I least expected to go.

It may not seem, it but it is a very spiritual time when the angels and guides are very busy. It is a time of transformation and renewal and I have seen much creativity and incentive during this time.


People have found themselves taking up new interests and doing things they never thought they would be doing. They have had time on their hands and used that time wisely. It was just thrown at them and they responded very positively. 

It has been a time to expand their horizons even if it is not beyond four walls. It is the horizons in their mind and a shift in their gaze from what is close to hand to the furthest reaches of their imagination. 

They have been thinking big and then a bit bigger still and they have stretched themselves in every way they can. It has been an opportunity to shift perspective and take the high ground. You must remember that you may be constricted by your circumstances, but in your minds and spirits you are limitless. 

Pay attention to the thoughts that come to you when you are looking out from the high ground. It is time to look at those big dreams and some wild aspirations. You can do some meditation now that you have time and visualize yourself in the situation you want to be in.

The pandemic and lockdown has potentially been life changing for many people. You suddenly find yourself within a smaller group and less family and friends around you. Maybe this is what you have been needing for some time. A little space can go a long way and you are less likely to resist change.

It is time to make yourself selfish and Shirley McLean famously said to be spiritual you need to ‘go out on a limb’ and that is exactly what she did. It is time to make yourself a priority and treat yourself with respect.

I noticed that many people could not step back into their previous lives. They were already doing something different and didn’t want their old jobs back. It was that impact that has given many people a kickstart in life. If only we could have something like this happen more often. 

I see people going along with their everyday lives, not questioning anything. They know that they are not completely happy, but they stick with what is familiar to them. It may be a fear of the risk of making a change that keeps them there.

Yet, if they are forced to look at their situation they will see that they are due a change. They just need the courage to make the changes and it’s only when push comes to shove that change can happen.

You would benefit from having an open, holistic approach to life so that you can turn things around. You can channel your energies into something constructive. Once you know what your goal is its easier to get motivated.

Change is not always easy, but if you are feeling unhappy now, imagine how you will feel in six months time or even five years from now. You need to ‘live’ your life and take charge and do what is right for you.

There is a move towards experimentation and exploration as people are seeking a better way to experience life. Spiritual activities take us away from the rat race of life and gives us an appreciation of living in the moment and reflecting on how we truly feel. 

Many people are trying to make sense of their lives with a greater understanding of who they are and why they are here. The internet is a great resource when you are stuck in a lockdown. 

Connecting with nature is very important though, and if you can’t be out there just listen to what is going on around you. I have been watching the seagulls on the roof opposite. The mum sat on the eggs until they hatched then I watched the hatchlings learning to get about. 

This was a fascinating journey that I had never noticed before. I feel very privileged to have had that insight and experience. I even got to know a little about their personalities as they were learning to fly. 

The mother was so patient sat on her eggs all day and every day. You can be the seagull perched on the roof where you can see so much from your vantage point. You can see where you want to go and then spread your wings and go for it.   


Love and Light,


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