Living Your Best Life

By Julianne: A dear friend of mine passed away last night. It wasn’t unexpected, he had been very ill with cancer for some time. The thing is that this man was truly inspiring in every way with not only the battle he fought but how he has lived his life. He never complained and kept everyone laughing till the end. He would have been 60 tomorrow.


He had told everyone that he was going on his 60th. In fact, a party had been organized for this coming Saturday whether he was still with us or not. He loved a party.  Earlier in the year, he had been in the hospital for a month or so, a party for him had been organized earlier, he had made the intention that he was going to be there. This friend managed to convince the doctors to let him out of the hospital for that afternoon.

Now keep in mind this was a man that could barely walk, but with the help of family and friends, he made it! What a wonderful and memorable afternoon that was. What a celebration! So very inspiring! He even managed to have a little drink. I have known him for 25 years and he always made life fun. This friend did lots of things many of us only think about. Adventures, travelling and more travelling and let’s not forget the socializing and parties! In the last few years.

He was making sure he was getting to those places he had always dreamed about. Taking his beautiful children with him. Ticking off his bucket list. That was the thing you see he made his life about adventure and wonderful friendships.

Caring, charismatic, always calm and so very cheeky he was, right to the end. (I secretly always wished I was as laid back as him.) I have never seen a person with so many beautiful friendships ever. That says a lot for the type of person that he was. A one in a million.

This friend lived life! That’s what we are all here for. Somehow though, we often get caught up in the small stuff. We sweat the small stuff and forget.. Forget to have fun, forget to call that friend and just become too busy with life stuff and forget about the real important life stuff. Living your best life.

So, remember, none of us are here forever. So, get out there, do those things that make you smile.

For instance, if you are in a job that makes you unhappy, that when Sunday evening rolls around you start feeling that dread of going in on Monday. It’s time to leave. I was in a job that made me feel unhappy. I was lucky though as I worked with some great people and that is what kept me there longer than I should have. One day after the holiday break I was walking up to the building and as I got nearer the doors my whole body just became immensely heavy. I knew exactly what that heaviness was. My body was speaking to me, “Get out, get out!”. What is it that you would really love to do and get paid for it? Write it down. Do you need to do a course? Start researching what’s involved. Seek out like minded people and chat to them about what is the best way to move forward. People love to help others with their knowledge of something that brings them joy. Of course, I’m not suggesting just up and leave and have zero income. Perhaps you can study whilst still being employed in this job. Set some goals. Make a plan, without a plan you could well be in the same position this time next year. Remember, nothing changes, nothing changes!

Are you in a relationship that is making you unhappy? Perhaps some counselling could help? Especially if you are married and children are involved. No one wants the stress of a divorce, not to mention the financial hardship that often comes with divorce. Selling property, moving home, it’s not a fun thing when separation is involved. Often things can be worked out with counselling and some positive changes.  

Does a certain friendship feel like it’s draining you? Does it often seem like it just doesn’t flow? Are you the one always making the effort perhaps? It could be time to let this friendship go.

Whatever it is that is not making your heart sing anymore take a serious look at how you can change it.

Be happy, life really is short. And live your best life, like my friend did.

And to my amazing friend, fly high, we will never forget you. 

No doubt you will be keeping those around you entertained on the other side.


Love and Light,


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