Living with someone with Bipolar

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by extreme shifts in mood, as well as fluctuations in energy and activity levels.

If you have ever been in a relationship or have a family member with Bipolar disorder you will understand the roller coaster ride this is.

One minute they can be in a good mood, constantly on the move, and moving from task to task, then they can be depressed, moody, lethargic and just at times very frustrating.

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This can take a real toll on your relationship as you have no idea what mood this person will be in when they wake up, come home from work, school or just on a general day to day basis.  You feel that you are walking on eggshells most of the time, and too afraid to say anything in case it becomes a full blown argument over nothing.

Despite all this, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  By understanding why your partner acts and thinks the way he/she does can then help you counteract your reactions to them.

By understanding their actions and thoughts are usually focused on how they feel, even though they may look like they understanding your feelings and needs.

When you sit back and go over any conversation you have interacted with them in your mind, you will see that they can try to put everything back on you, or they can be nasty, or they bring up things that has no relevance to the conversation.  This is all about them, not you.  They feel that the world is against them.  Their emotions are internalised, and they overthink.

When you realise this, you can counteract this, by not engaging in their paranoia or what they say, by stepping back and letting it wash over you, by not allowing the behaviour that you don’t like, you can have a relationship and a quality of life you did not anticipate.

When engaging with him it exhausts you, still keeping in mind you are already exhausted by the shifts in his/her mood or energy, you make life harder for yourself and the relationship suffers.

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Standing back and looking after number one can help this. Being a river and going with the flow of the energy and mood shifts can help you be more flexible.  Fighting all this can make you feel like your beating your head against a brick wall and in the end can also make you sick.
Is it worth your health to do this? Is your relationship worth ending because of this?
When putting yourself first and being balanced you can then teach your partner/family member to be this as well. By being balanced and calm you can then diffuse any situation and find that your quality of life with this person can me more than a roller coaster of emotions and energy.  It can be a loving and fulfilling one.

Love and Light

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One thought on “Living with someone with Bipolar

  1. Carol Bell

    Will my husband and I be able to forgive each other and find our way back to each other.
    I am very lonely with out him and he keeps pulling me in and then moving away.
    His behaviour during our short marriage has caused so many issues. I believe he does love me. I know there are things I need to do as well to be on the road to recovery.


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