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By Isabella: I am alarmed by those who create negatively then wonder why their lives become undone. The numbers of political pundits and talking heads on television, that share fake news and character assassinate anyone who disagrees with them, is staggering. Then, you read about them getting a sickness or disease, or being arrested for something they once publicly accused another of. There is an outcome for every thought.

I listen to some who call me and ask me why their life is going to hell in a hand basket, then they tell me they stalked someone or slammed someone in social media or even brag about lying to the husband/wife while they cheat with another. Always, they justify the dishonesty and with rare exception do they realize it is all coming back to them, in one way or another.  

They say, “The universe is not punishing you, it’s responding to you.” 


Everything you think becomes audible energy and your thoughts are received throughout the universe, gathering energy along their path of sojourn. When you become aware of just how potent your words are, you learn to employ the alchemy of the sages and masters who have graced this earth with ancient wisdom and eloquent teachings. You soon learn to amplify your messages more deliberately, recognizing that every thought generates a response in the universe. You learn to align yourself to what is of integrity and distance yourself from that which is not. You learn that the universe is scored in love and goodness and doing the right thing, keeps you on track and in the flow. Anything you say, think or do that falls outside the realms of love and goodness, takes you farther away from the heart of God, or as some call it, the Divine.

When you act outside of love, honesty, self-respect, dignity, kindness and consideration, you engage the darkness. The greater the lies, the darker the shadows and they grow and cling to you like the demons they are. You can become literally infected with deception which is the food for lower worlds. The more you engage in dishonest, mean, deceptive or hateful behavior, the greater the risk you will become a comfortable home where the darkness will dwell.

Everything you think you are doing to another you are actually doing to you. Make no mistake, that boomerang will return to you and often in ways you did not expect. Making a mistake is one thing, as humans, we grow from those but repeating unsavory behaviors only exacerbate your situation. Don’t be found feeding the lower worlds, instead ask yourself one simple question; “Would I want it done to me?”

If the answer is “NO!” then rethink your path. Heal whatever contributes to making bad choices and strive to become whole. Giving your power to a relationship, to your career, to fighting with a sibling or your parents, isn’t worth sacrificing your light. There are so many ways to work through trials, but the best way is simply DON’T CREATE them.

If you live an honest life, doing what you know in your heart is good and right and true, you will still encounter problems, but they will be small compared to the negative karma and energy you create by living a life outside of integrity.

Wishing you a life filled with well-being, balance and overflowing with loving goodness.

If you have any questions on how, give me a call, I would love to help you live your best life.


Loving Outloud!

Love and Light,


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