Let Go Of Expectations, But Not Your Dreams

By Gertrude: More often than not many of us spoil today, because we are worried about tomorrow. This sets us up for failure and frustration. Once we are frustrated it literally takes us in the opposite direction. Our perception of time and the cosmos actual time are very different and defining. Along with our expectations we as human beings also want things soon or soonest. This will also lead us into feeling overwhelmed.

The universe is conscious and it is always putting things into place, having things unfold that we simply cannot see in the background. Once we start tampering with that though our thoughts, deeds and actions this can actually lead to more delays or worse still, completely derailing the outcome.


It is true that destiny isn’t set in stone. Simply put, if it was I wouldn’t be a spiritual advisor. There would be no need for us because everything would just work out hunky dory. While there is fate and most certainly lessons we have come to earth to master. It truly is up to us as to if we complete them.  Our success often rests on us allowing the higher powers to guide us. 

Letting go of expectations starts with choice. We first need to understand that an expectation is simply our dream, our perspective of how we want things to be. Often not understanding that it’s more about what we think we want rather than what we actually need. It is easy to get caught up in that desire and stubbornly pursue it despite everything pointing to the opposite. 

The first step is to minimalize. By this I mean, it’s time to keep things simple and in perspective. With clarity and being realistic. Working with intention. Which is very different to working with expectation. While we are all deserving of our best outcome, it’s still up to us to create that. We must never confuse what we deserve with entitlement. 

In keeping things simple it is also about living in the moment. Dealing with things first hand, in a calm and realistic way. When we project too much into the future we rob ourselves of enjoying life to its fullest in the present. This is where we learn to conserve our energy. Energy is free and no one needs ours. The universe provides more than enough for everyone. So time to tune in to yourself and allow your energy to guide you so that you are doing it for yourself not anyone else. Or certainly a desired outcome.

Your dreams can come true, but every dream no matter what needs a practical plan. So first things first and that is to start with a simple but effective plan. Just a daily one where you get the smaller things done. Giving you the confidence for the next step forward in your life. A simple daily to do list, focusing on what needs your current attention. This frees your mind of the worry and anxiety of what will or won’t happen in the future. Because what you are thinking predicts the future. Your thoughts determine your actions and your actions determine your outcomes.

The most important thing that we neglect is that we forget that our expectations often involve other people who in turn have their own free will and expectations. Remember to always accept the things that we cannot change. It will save us a lot of heartache in the future. It saves disappointment, especially if we can’t change what another person wants or desires. Having respect for their free will is an essential ingredient for a successful outcome. 

All of us have ulterior motives, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be used for good. Understanding your own motives as well as having some idea what another person’s motives are can be confusing. Often we judge others motives and unless we are mind readers we never truly know what is going on in another person’s thoughts and emotions. So for now we can only understand our own. Let go of that, it will free you up in order to move forward.

Now is the time to also consider your plan B. We all have more than one path and option in life. Our results are determined by the quality of our choices. This is also where you consider all outcomes. Not just the one you think you desire right now. But also in a realistic way of understanding what is the most likely worst and best case scenario. 

Acknowledge any disappointment you have right now or have experienced in the past. Don’t focus on what you may have missed out on. Because while you are looking over your shoulder at that you are missing out on the present. 

This is where you choose to take control. It isn’t easy but I promise with a great plan with clarity and letting go of those expectations, you will improve your here and now.


Love and Light,


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