Intuitive Messages For 2021

By Sarah: How wonderful that we get to shift the energy of 2020 and experience a new year like we have never had before. Keeping in close contact with many of my LifeReader clients, I sent out a message earlier in the month asking each client if they had an intuitive message for someone that they would like to send to me to publish.

The response was so amazing and uplifting that I have presented the messages below in the hope that some of them resonate with you and be taken into 2021 as wise words of wisdom. The clients that use LifeReader certainly have some great words of wisdom that we can all benefit from. From me to you, I would just like to wish you all the success you can visualize and imagine in 2021. Get that new notebook and start writing down EXACTLY what you wish to manifest.


The world is also not out of the COVID wood right now. I have seen more COVID arguing and fighting on social media in 2020 than I have in about any other issue in the past ten years. If you have had it – well  done for getting through it and staying around to enjoy this lifetime with us. Carry on sharing your joy! If your loved ones have been called home too early for you to process – I get it – it’s super painful and the grief you will go through is a powerful and painful process whether you have lost someone to Covid or not. I SEE YOU! I am but a call away to help you through your grief and confusion during this time..


• Whatever you do and wherever you go – be kind.

• You are perfect in your imperfections.

• Don’t fight against sickness… Rather, Allow your wellness to shine through.

• Bless you! You are truly Blessed!

• You are always where you need to be.

• Take time out for yourself. It is ok to do something for yourself sometimes.  You deserve it, you need it. You are loved, so love yourself a little also.  Forgive and move forward. Be gentle with yourself and be grateful as all is in alignment. 

• Choose to be happy, even when you feel broken!

• Those who Matter do not mind, those that Mind do not matter.

 • Take a Breath – Slow and Deep Breathing – Re-connect and be Authentic.. BE the Water in the River – BE the Flow ..

• Keep”Dancing”

• Everyone’s idea of love is different.

• Love comes from within. If you do the things you love you constantly top up your own battery and are able to share “love”.

• You are only in control of your own choices, feelings and expression of those emotions.

•  The power is within… make good use of it! 

• For some, loving ourselves feels like too much of a big ask, so start with respecting and honoring yourself. And always be kind to yourself… and all life.

• Not everything is as it seems… trust your gut! 

• The color blue will protect you. 

• Trust yourself! 

• Smile!

• Value and love yourself. 

• Believe

• When you’re truly connected to your purpose, it shootouts to you.. c’mon now…!!! You can do this! Lead!! 

•  Know you did the best you could with what you had.

• Go to your loved ones, no matter what it takes.. this is the time. 

• We have free will but we can also intercede on someone’s behalf requesting their highest good be served and pray for them. Pray for everyone. You are so powerful and with light shining through you for someone else’s best interest without requiring recognition for it, powerful shifts happen.

• Be true. Project peace. No(body) is perfect. 

• Do not stop loving all living things.

• Take the path of least resistance and it may take you where you need to be… 

• Take the new job it will be worth it.

• Love yourself more. 

• Do not worry about the details of the future, keep yourself connected to the Divine and trust in your life’s flow, always for your highest and best.

• Take one day at a time. Somehow things always work out. Trust and believe, as hard as that is sometimes. Ask for signs and then be open to them and watch out for them. Nothing forced. Sadly worrying and panic has never solved anything, apart from blocking the way and messages. 

• If you can be anything, be kind… firstly to yourself.

With such beautiful and positive messages given by the people I presently Read for on LifeReader, I wish you great happiness and focused thought for 2021. Please pop in for a chat over the next few weeks and lets see what 2021 has in store for you this year on a personal level.


Namaste, Love and Light,


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