In The Meantime

By Gertrude: When we find ourselves in a situation where our relationship has broken down and we simply don’t know where to stand, so many emotions swirling around, if it has ended acrimoniously, then there will be words that echo through our mind or regret for the things we didn’t say. 

Understand that you cannot change the unchangeable. Which includes somebody else’s mind. No matter what the outcome of free-will dictates. This is your meantime. What you do here is very important. 


This isn’t a blueprint of how you want things to work out according to a calendar. This is the time where you put value in yourself. Putting your future happiness in an outcome or in someone else, will always come tumbling down. No one is responsible for your happiness but you. 

There are many steps to take, of that there is no doubt. But if you have insight into what is available to you. Explore right now and set the standards for your next relationship.  Good old fashioned standards, sometimes referred to as boundaries. However, these are normally in some flexible. It is one thing to transition to unexpected changes and looking at what is and isn’t working for us. But a deal breaker should be treated as an unbreakable standard that you set for yourself. 

We don’t just wake up one morning and everything has slotted into place. Life requires us to work for each and every goal. So start with you. Only you are responsible for your happiness and what comes next.  I have a course in self-reliance. This is one of the first basic steps we need to make. So clear the decks. Let go of foolish and unrealistic expectations. Build you and your life on the foundation of truth, you are a strong and courageous soul who is now learning how to adapt to the free-will of others.

When we lose love, we grieve. Just as if we have lost a beloved person in our lives. The responsibility to bring you through and the way forward is sponsoring yourself. 

When we find ourselves stuck in the past, we can accumulate unwanted burden. So rather than lightening our load, we begin to take on more. Don’t find yourself chained to a certain outcome. You will find you can have what you want, it might be just a bit different from how you imagined it. Don’t allow painful memories or resentments echo in your mind. No longer rehearse those conversations you play in your mind when you play the IF Game.

In order to reclaim your path, your personal journey, heal wounds, forgive, make amends in the most appropriate way. Letting go of old hurts is so very important. I am going to try to get some insight for you that will set you free. By drawing out what you already know through your inner wisdom. 

A good rule to live by is to don’t keep going until you’re exhausted. This will leave you feeling worse than before. You are hurt, go and repair. Please don’t continue struggling. Once you see the light of clear-minded reasoning. Then choose to surrender and let go of old habits. Practicing extreme self care is important. Much is to be done before you can engage in future or reconnect in your old relationship. 

There are times in our lives when what is familiar and known is not the best choice. However, we keep on a cycle of stay and repeat. Human beings combined with the soul are memory-driven energies. We all look for certainty for what we know. It keeps us safe. 

Some of us find ourselves in love, even if the qualities we seek in our partner or love interest exposes us to unhealthy ways of communication. Or indeed how we feel about ourselves. Avoid being too eager to find love. What you have done so far isn’t working. This is what the Meantime is for. For some fun choose something unfamiliar or something you haven’t done before. Right now in this meantime, you build what supports you.

But let’s start at the beginning. Together we will look at the relationship as it stands right now. Bringing in past, present and future options. If we have an open and frank attitude towards this. If you resonate with me, I would love to look deeper for you. I am looking forward for your call.  All meantime includes relationships, work, family dynamics.

I am also a Holistic Counselor and offering psychic or mediumship is just one of the skills I have. If you would like a life reading with sense. Based on your circumstances and what insight we would get in a more traditional talk therapy modality.  I take your life seriously. 

Please close your eyes, and clear your mind. Tell me, what is the first color and number that came to your mind.


Love is Life.

Love and Light,


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