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By Meghan: The truth is that all humans have the potential for accessing psychic abilities hidden within themselves, and it is sensitivity that first opens the gateway. Although every person has a different set of natural abilities, and each person experiences specific abilities in their own unique way, the main common thread between psychically activated individuals is sensitivity. Sensitivity means to feel deeply within all of your senses, and to have an intact connection with your inner realms and state of being. Sensitivity is the sibling of awareness. They are both very much connected.

By common scientific consensus, humans are known to have five primary senses. Touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight. But we are born with other senses as well. Senses that allow us to interact with and interpret the energetic reality we exist within. Everything that exists is energy. The more dense this energy becomes, the more physical and static it seems. The less dense it becomes, the more malleable it is. Our sensitivity is what enables us to tap into the energy moving through creation.


Children are often naturally, and expressively, intuitive. At the beginning of this life, all of our senses were extremely active, especially those that tapped us directly into the unseen realms. You may even remember having many spiritual experiences as a child. Perhaps you were told this was just your overactive imagination. It is common for these abilities to become dulled when we grow up in an environment and around people who do not know how to nurture these abilities. It is not until later in life, as we are initiated into adolescence and adulthood within a society that is disconnected from spirit, that we begin to lose access to the intuitive parts of ourselves. As we endure the pressures, expectations, and various types of programming that the current world atmosphere presents. This, in itself, is also a trial. A challenge we can meet in order to become stronger than we would have been without adversity. If we had extrasensory abilities to begin with, naturally, then this means they can be accessed once again.

What many humans have done, due to cultural and societal pressure, is attempt to feel less. To be a feeler in today’s world is an extreme challenge. So on a mass scale we have shut down sensitivity within ourselves, we have numbed the senses, both physically and non-physically. We have been told that certain emotions and certain ways of expressing are unacceptable. But the truth is that we are human beings, meant to feel through the full spectrum available to us in this life. Part of reclaiming the abilities that are your birthright and spiritual inheritance begins with feeling. It requires a re-activation of parts of yourself that you have put into dormancy, into hibernation. Instead of numbing out, we are called to feel as deeply as we can. 

The fortunate few who are able to grow up with their natural abilities and authentic sense of self intact, are meant to act as beacons of remembrance for what all of us once knew. When you have feeling and sensitivity intact, you have resonance. The resonance is a compass that shows you exactly what the next step to take is. Depth of feeling not only helps us to once again access our psychic abilities, but also stands as a core part of what it means to be a human being. Now, more than ever on the planet, we must remember what it is to be human. To love, to feel, to be ourselves, and to know that we are connected to everything within the web of life. The human experience contains the entire spectrum of feeling and emotion, like colors on a palate. Being cut off from feeling any emotion, or shying away from what is meant to be felt and expressed, causes our world to contract and lose vibrancy. 

The main psychic abilities that we know and are familiar with come through increased sensitivity within a specific physical sense. In clairvoyance there is an increased sensitization within the ability to see, so much so that we are able to glimpse into the non-physical. Through the third eye and sometimes through the physical eyes. The sight branches out and develops a whole new form of seeing. The same goes for clairaudience and it’s connection to hearing, clairsentience/empathy and their connections to feeling, and the list goes on. And then we have the abilities that don’t have correlation with a single sense, but are rather in a league of their own. These abilities include mediumship, channeling, lucid dreaming, prophetic dreaming, recognition of synchronicity, telekinesis, telepathy and others. 

Because the physical is born forth from the metaphysical, our extrasensory abilities come before our physical senses. We are spiritual beings having the experience of being in a 3D Earth avatar body. Before coming into this incarnation, we navigated with other senses. Within this incarnation, we still have access to these senses, because we exist within multiple dimensions. We exist physically and non-physically simultaneously. In order to navigate this realm effectively, it’s up to us to utilize all of our sensory capacity. Doing this also increases the richness of your life and the depth to which you immerse into your own experiences. 

It’s important to note that the state of our physical senses does affect our extrasensory faculties. You may have heard accounts of people losing their physical eyesight only to gain spiritual sight, or to have their other senses amplified. Energy can never be created or destroyed, only transferred and transformed. When we are not taking care of our physical bodies, we begin to leak energy and lose sensitivity. We become disembodied and not anchored fully. What we need is to have  our soul force running through all the channels and meridians. Whether it is the consumption of processed foods or numbing out with addictive substances, when we dampen the sensitivity within our bodies, our non-physical senses also weaken.

Looking at western industrialized societal norms, part of the reason why so few are spiritually awake becomes clear. It is the low vibrational lifestyle that is encouraged, and the imbalanced environment within cityscapes. These factors, among many others, are enough to at least subdue the natural capacities of a human being. But fret not! There are many solutions available for those who seek to increase their sensitivity and begin living a life that feeds the soul. The solutions I provide are practical and can be implemented in any now moment. The only ingredients you need are desire and dedication. 

Solution one. Begin feeling into your body, anchoring into your beautiful form. This is absolutely necessary for developing sensitivity. When we connect with our body, we also are able to connect to our inner realms, and the voice of guidance that comes from within. Feeling your body and facing all emotions and states of being will enable you to become more familiar with subtle energies. This helps with discerning what is your native energy, and what you may be picking up from another person or the environment. As a highly sensitive person, I have found this to be critical to my progress. Sometimes we feel things, but we don’t know why we feel them. The practice of anchoring into your body, feeling and focusing on the energy as it moves through you, helps you identify specifics. Your triggers, your dominant moods, the root of issues you are facing. Go within, feel, and watch your entire perspective and reality shift. 

Solution two. Empower your senses through movement. Any kind of movement that gets you into your body and involves all of your senses will strengthen your perception. You will find a greater clarity and ability to sweep away any fog of confusion or doubt. Exercises such as Yoga, hiking, Qi Gong, swimming, martial arts, jumping on a trampoline. All of these get the energy flowing, moving through those meridians and pathways. Pay attention to the energy as it moves through your body when in movement. This is a part of training yourself to become more sensitive to the energies within you, and therefore the energies that surround you. Dance and creative movement is also extremely powerful. Remember to balance periods of movement with periods of rest. Pay attention to how you feel through all the different moments of the day, through activity and passive downtime. 

Solution three. Nutrify the body. Like any vehicle, our body needs fuel, and the quality of this fuel will determine how the vehicle will run. Fresh foods, high in nutrients, from the Earth, help to circulate the energy through you. Everything we consume not only affects the body, but also the mind, emotions, and energetic bodies. 

Solution four. Do things that excite you and bring a sense of enjoyment. One of the best ways we can increase sensitivity is through passionate action and play. Pleasure is just as important as discipline, and when they are kept in balance we can raise our frequencies exponentially.

All of these solutions act to raise the vibratory frequency, which in turn creates more sensitivity. This is energetic current, or what I sometimes refer to as soul force, that we circulate more of through positive activity. Although I have created a short guide of activities that you may be inspired to incorporate into your day, there are hundreds of things you can do to increase sensitivity. Following resonance will let you know what is the most activating and powerful for you. 

As we are in the time of great shift, leaps in consciousness are taking place. More and more people are beginning to reclaim what has always been inside of them. The power, the knowing, the gifts, the sensitivity. 


Love and Light,


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