How To Increase Your Self Confidence

By Esther: Confident people may not always be “in love” with their bodies, but they rarely dislike them – and they do make sure that are as reliable and as fit as they need to be.


Eat food you know is nutritious and which will give you energy without totally giving away the nicer things. Allow yourself some naughty things once in a while and YES have birthday cake on your birthday – just not the whole cake.

esther3 Exercise your body so that you can depend on it to be fit and healthy. Do what you can. We cannot all do the same thing. Personally I am handicapped and cannot use my legs the same as everybody else. Does this stop me – NO – FitBall with weights is for me and nothing on the floor. Do the same, do a program that is right for you!!

Give yourself adequate sleep and rest so you know that you can perform with maximum alertness.

Go for regular medical check ups so that you are not wasting valuable energy on worry about your health unnecessary.

Stop poisoning yourself with substances such as tobacco and alcohol.


Don’t be prepared to put up with a “rusty mind” – make sure that you always have your full range of mental powers at your disposal.

Exercise your mind on a regular basis by reading, doing crosswords, debating or whatever you know you are good at.

Stretch and challenge your mind by learning something new all the time – take up a language, computer skills or anything that grabs your interest.

Stimulate the creative side of your brain, so that you can reply on it to come up with ideas. You can do this with some form of artistic work or just simply by giving yourself lots of time to daydream.


Notice how confident people appear cool and calm and now you need to learn to imitate them.

Learn to put yourself into a deeply relaxed state through meditation or self-hypnosis (many books and tapes are readily available to assist you in this matter).


Join a stress management course, or buy a self-help guide.

Love and Light,


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