Happiness Checklist

By Esther: So, let’s start this article with the following, Okay, so you what to be happy? However, perhaps you have no idea on how to get this for yourself. Below are some ideas on how to go about this and of course not all ideas on this HAPPINESS CHECKLIST will work for everybody as we are all individuals and what works for one person may not work for another.

esther2 For a start, we need to stop believing that we will only be happy when we are in a loving romantic relationship, especially when you get into the older age bracket in life and this starts to get less and less an opinion. So instead I would like to suggest the following.

1.) Forgiving others will empower you. That does not mean you condone the act that needs to be forgiven. It just means that from now on you refuse to be storage for all your anger as it only eats you up from inside. Always try to minimize your anger, it’s not good for the soul, nor even your stomach. Why? stomach acid coming up.

2.) Refuse to judge others and you can learn to love yourself just as you are today. Love yourself as you are right now – today. Stop waiting until you reach the new weight goal or achieving a certificate or study.

 3.) Surround yourself with winners in life as they will show you ways to win in your own life. Losers can drain you of either energy or even your money.

4.) Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine.

5.) Spend as much time as possible doing the things you like doing, such as either a sport, hobby or additional study. If you hate your job, look around for another one whilst you are still employed. Going to a job that you hate is a waste of your life and precious energy.

6.) Give time to positive people, and remember to be positive yourself. The Law of Attraction will start to bring only positive situations and people into your life.

7.) Go with your gut instinct – it’s an in-built homing device. NEVER IGNORE YOUR INNER ALARM OR RADAR FOR LIARS OR DANGER AHEAD. Time and time again, these three will either save your life, heart or wallet.

8.) Take short breaks away from home to restore your energy. This can be something as simple as a half an hour in your local park, a walk around the block out in the sun or perhaps a new trip to a different shopping centro.

9.) Know yourself and understand your shortcomings, facing up to not-so-scary demons.

10.) Don’t be obsessed about where you are going in life but remember to enjoy the journey.

11.) Help others and consider offering your services to a charity, time permitting.

12.) Hum your favorite tune when you are walking along the street.

13.) Take control of your finances.

14.) Seek knowledge. Consider taking a course in something that interests you.

15.) Be the master of your own time. Remember, it is OK to say NO, sorry I do not have time at present to assist you with???

16.) Write down all the positive things in your life and build on them.

17.) Respect your world and everything in it and most of all YOURSELF. If you do not show yourself self-respect, how could you expect anyone else to respect you?

18.) RELAX!! Read a book, watch television or go for a walk – anything that gives you pleasure without hurting anyone else.


All the best,


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