How To Get More Out Of Your Psychic Reading

By Carmel: My clients often return to me over and over because I give them clear, direct answers to the questions that they have on their mind from clarifying intimate relationships and partnerships with any of the deep questions on other pressing areas that they may have in their lives. In the following article, I will set out some pointers as to how they can get the most from their sessions with me and how to work with advice given to them.

As an experienced reader of over 25 years, I am usually very careful never to sugarcoat the reading or encourage my client to see their situations only through rose colored glasses but am very aware of the responsibility that the client is or has invested in me to get to the heart of a situation and wants to in some cases reach closure while in others may wish to just get reassurance.


I, naturally, over many years of reading for people have some positive and helpful advice to clients about what to expect from a good authentic reading from me and how they can prepare themselves for it. At the same time, as a life coach as well as a psychic, I endeavor with a high success record to get my client to see the positive way to view life and how being open to solutions and being flexible to new directions or ways of thinking, particularly in the spiritual sense. My readings will always focus on the most positive result or way to deal with what you are experiencing with the emphasis on empathetic connection to you the client and concern for your best results.

There are a number of elements to getting the most out of a reading, aside from knowing you have clear questions. Firstly answers with a yes or no are commonly asked by clients to get the reading finished in the least time. Yes or No answers are seldom going to really help you as much as waiting at least long enough to see if there is something you need to look at more deeply to resolve the issue or enable you to gain new perspective. Be prepared to be given some homework if you come to me for a reading, as in understanding that you are in a progressive spiritual phase of your life as we all remain until we cross over and every important emotional and spiritual experience you have is for a reason. I will usually provide you with advice as to how to better deal with a situation or how to heal from a situation that has been of pain to you. The answers are within sometimes we just need a little help to draw them out of our inner knowing.

You may indeed have questions on your mind that you want answers to, especially in love and relationships that you may feel are the most important to look at, but equally important is gaining insight into why there may be patterns in your life that need to be removed or broken in order to break free and make some progress towards a happier more fulfilled life. Hence, approach the reading willing to let me offer you my advice or sense of what the situation around you is, and the best way to work with any questions you may have or any areas you want urgent advice on. For this reason, I advise my client to avoid phrasing their readings around yes or no questions only.

Come to the reading with an open mind, not a fixed attitude about what the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer is. Be prepared to listen with a fully open mind. You can trust me to tune in and deal with the situation with an experienced approach and I will be as direct as you need, but without telling you what you have to do, in every reading there are choices and you will always have a free will as to what you chose to do.

I will move around time zones in my readings as I am clairvoyant and sense future trends or events not just in the present period, but I avoid giving specific time references preferring to clients as that sometimes only heightens anxiety about their situation. I will let the client know approximately the time that a certain event or change may take place, but I caution them not to get caught up in timing, that the universe has its own scheme of timing, and we can only try our best to interpret it. In a spiritual sense, everything that happens, happens in some way when it is meant to do so, and we need to learn to flow with life sometimes rather than push too hard for the results in a way that overstretches us. Allowing for events to take place knowing and having faith in the timing that will be shown to you is one way you can take the reading in and relax with it, knowing that the insights will come back to you when you need them.

Having said the above, I will often get specific details for the client and they are most welcome to take note of it as this will assist them in finding their pathways as they move on after the readings. We will always call your angels and guides into every reading to make sure that our space is sacred and you will feel safe and healing energies in that space. Know you have approached me both for insight as well as healing on a deep level if you are open to getting in touch through my guidance with your own spiritually gifted innate capacity to heal and be whole as a soul and human being. I see being your reader as being your guide on a pathway and shining some light on it long enough for you to see what you need to do or not do as the case maybe to help you to get either results or answers that will help you move forward with more empowered energy. I honor the connection you make with me to allow you to grow and be assured of your destiny and will always endeavor to be as ethical as I can in our sessions.

I have achieved some amazing results for clients in my years of reading and am always grateful to my guides that I have had the ability to assist them to move forward with a more peaceful mind. Many clients have given me wonderful testimonials about how my guidance came just at the right timing.

If you would like to contact me for a chat or phone reading on LifeReader, we can discuss what you would like to look into in detail.


Love and Light


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