How To Deal With Stressful Times

By Erin: We all have life events that come our way which can be stressful, emotional and draining plus our health can also suffer as we can forget to take good care of ourselves. Most families are spread around the globe these days so that can add to the stress of not being physically in the same country to support that friend or family member in need.

1erin2 It is so important to be taking care of your physical needs when your stress levels rise but also managing your emotional well being and not letting things get on top of you.

So, here are my top tips that I stick to when life throws a curve ball my way:

• Journal your feelings or talk to a friend. Do not bottle up your emotions. Pick up the phone, meet a friend or write out your feelings on paper if you prefer that. Just make sure you have an outlet to express your emotions.

• Try to see the larger picture and know that this difficult time will pass eventually. Sometimes just taking a step back from the situation can offer a wider perspective.

• Meditate or take 5/10 mins per day to release the days thoughts and relax. I know it can be hard to switch your mind off when its in a worry mode so try taking a walk in the park or admiring the view out of your window.

• Go to bed early and catch up on your sleep. Have a hot bath before to wind down or read a book to distract your mind from the day.

• Make sure that you drink plenty of water as this makes a huge difference to how well you react and function day to day. Dehydration can make you foggy, cranky and lethargic.

• Try and be grateful for the small things. Times of crisis or stress can be so consuming, and it can be the only thing that we focus on. Take the time to really take pleasure from the little things, no matter how small. A good cup of tea, enjoying your fav film, cooking yourself a nice meal or just appreciating a beautiful night sky. It won’t change the situation, but you are aloud to breath and enjoy a moment of pleasure each day, whatever that is to you.

It’s important to keep your metaphorical cup as full as you can, emotionally and physically, so that you have the strength to work through those difficult life events.

Our whole world can shrunk down into a suffocating space in times of hardship but try and remember to lift your head and breath.
In Eckhart Tolle’s words, ‘This too shall pass’.

Remember that you are not alone, even though you may feel it sometimes. You have angels and guides around you that you can lean on and ask for guidance. Try placing some celestine crystal under your pillow to connect with your spirit team and journal any experiences that you have so that you don’t forget them. You can also look back on your journal to remind you of any wonderful messages or dreams that you have experienced which is a comforting way to remind you of their presence.


Love and light,


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