How To Deal With Rejection

The action of spurning a person’s affections.

Rejection is the one emotion in life that has the ability to cripple us. With rejection (especially by the person we think highly of or are in love with) can bring about other emotions.

Betrayal, this is where we see the person with someone else and even though the person who has rejected you has said yes I love you, yes we can make it work and the next thing you know they have moved on to someone else. The words and actions of this person are at complete opposites. This also makes them a hypocrite as well.

This can then bring on the emotions of hurt and anger. Anger because of the way you have been treated by this person and that anger can be very powerful. If you don’t channel that anger this can very detrimental to you. If you are able to control it this can and can think past the pain and hurt, you can think clearly and be able to react.

A lot of the time this is not possible and you can overreact and overthink the situation and blow it up all out of proportion.

Rejection is the one thing a person can do you that can inflict at least four emotions.

All these emotions can mix into one and sometimes you don’t know which one is the one taking over. Usually the first and foremost is anger, then the hurt, then realizing that you have been betrayed and then sadness.

The one thing that you should realise though is that you should not beat yourself up over this. Don’t sit there and ask yourself what is wrong with me. What did I Do to deserve this treatment of me? Why did this person do this to me? The moment you start doing this is the moment you are not letting it go. You are dwelling on all the things that you supposedly did wrong. Remember when a person does this to you, it is not a reflection on you but a reflection of who the other person is. They are the one with the problem, low self esteem, not happy within themselves, always looking for something better in their lives. This is called the grass is greener syndrome until they find that this does not work for them either and moves on to their next victim.

Time is really the only thing that can heal this is and sometimes this can take quite a while depending on the severity of the Rejection. Allow yourself to feel the pain, the anger, the sadness and the betrayal. Allow it to come out, this is the best way to move it on.
Rejection is a painful emotion which can evoke a lot more emotions in you. When you learn not to fight the emotions but feel them, then moving on will be a lot easier. Don’t let it eat at you. That does more damage and can be toxic to you.

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3 thoughts on “How To Deal With Rejection

  1. vera christie

    Can you tell me what I need to do.My friend Ricky has been very distant towards me.I was hoping for a reconciliation to spend some time with him for a weekend.I even gave him dates .But I wasn’t getting anywhere.Should I walk away from him?

  2. lerato

    hi Sylvia a had a relationship about a year then things changed after he went to molding then he walked out on me it broke me down even now i stil ask myself why did he live me, now a have found new man but him to i think he is player is this a curse or i have bad taste of picking wrong guys please help me


  3. Thomas

    Hi. I’m lost. I’ve met this girl a year ago and within the first three months she has gotten pregnant by me and after that was very angry with me as well. She has hurt me numerous times after finding out she was pregnant. And after our child was born wich in the beginning she wanted me to help her get rid of him and I wouldn’t. And now have a beautiful baby boy that she loves now. Still treats me almost the same way. I’ve tried sticking it out with her threw thick and thin but nothing seems to work. We are not together she says but when I don’t call or text her because of it she calls or texts me asking me y I haven’t been calling. or just asked me what am I doing. After almost not talking to her for a week or so. And then when I finally come back around to her the first day is fine somtimes, and then the next she hates me all over again. What should I do. Because I really love her and my child. Should I just let her go and just be in my son’s life or stick it out. Please help, I’m very lost and confused. Thanks


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