How To Change Your Current Situation In Your Life

By Milica: Go deep within and find out what it is that you really desire. What is your inner truth? Remove attachments to all external influences, and focus only on you, what do you want? Who do you want to be? What are your Goals?

milica2 Create a clear goal. For example, “I am great at my job.” Not, I would like to be, or hope to be, but I AM. Create a clear goal in your mind. Write it down. “I Love what I do for a living.” “I have Divine Love from God channeling to me in every moment.” For this to work you have to believe it. You can reprogram yourself and your brain into a new existence, a new way of being, a new way of thinking, a happier life. What you believe about yourself is the limit of your potential. Do you have a limit? Are you limiting your potential by the way you think? Why? Human beings have incredible potential, you just need to tap into your own, and allow it to express itself, nurture it, allow it to grow, and become a new you. The energy of your thoughts is the energy you are. What you think is who you are. Thoughts create emotions, emotions create behavior, and we are what we think. The energy you are is the energy you attract. What would you like to attract into your life? Change your thoughts and free yourself into limitless potential.

Perhaps you already tried but some things are still holding you back. Go deep within to find out what thought forms are inside you that work against your goal. There are many agreements we make with ourselves on our life paths. Some of them work against us. Maybe someone said something negative to you when you were a child and you didn’t know how to process it with a young mind, so you made an agreement with yourself to believe them, and what you believe about yourself is now limiting your potential. Even in adulthood people throw words at others as black magic without even realizing. Sometimes the ones that love you the most will put this kind of destructive energy on you. If you believe these words, if any part of you believes any of these words, you have chosen to make an agreement with yourself to believe their words, believe this about yourself, and now your potential is limited by what you think about yourself. Have awareness of this and go deep within to find out what is in the way of your Goal – You.

Some thought forms are so deeply embedded into the physical body, their energy is stored as blockages in our meridians, energy centres and energy channels. Shame, guilt, fear, past traumas, etc. speak negative, limiting thoughts to us. There are very simple quick ways to disperse this energy and get yourself clear again so that you can believe that You Are Your Goal. With sciences that are now well developed, like Kinesiology, we have direct communication access into our bodies. Look up Muscle Testing (Kinesiology), Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping. These are simple techniques where you hold your Goal or Issue in your mind firmly and touch pressure points to access all meridians and clear any blockages in each meridian that were created by certain thought forms. Face Tapping is very simple, you can do this yourself. Look up some Youtube videos and try it. It takes minutes to change yourself if that is what you desire.


Wishing you Clear Channels and Happiness,

With Love,


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